Warp’s Edge KS Bundle


Command your destiny with the Warp’s Edge KS Bundle, the ultimate solo board gaming experience that transports you into a universe of strategic space combat.

As a solo hero, you’ll navigate through cosmic challenges, piloting one of four unique starfighters against formidable alien motherships.

The Viren Invasion expansion enriches your journey, offering new foes and enhanced gameplay with a deluxe token upgrade pack and a custom neoprene playmat.

Designed for ages 10 and up, immerse yourself in 30-45 minutes of interstellar adventure. Will you emerge as the galaxy’s beacon?

Kickstarter version includes:
– Warp’s Edge
– Viren Expansion
– Upgrade Tokens
– Neoprene Mat

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Warp’s Edge KS Bundle

Unleash the Universe Within

Are you ready to command the vastness of space from your living room? Warp’s Edge KS Bundle, a beacon of solo board gaming, invites you into an exhilarating universe where your wit and strategy determine the fate of galaxies. Dive into the heart of space combat, navigating through cosmic challenges with Warp’s Edge, where every decision echoes across the void.

Pilot Beyond the Possible

Imagine piloting a starfighter with a heartbeat of its own, each equipped with unique weapon loadouts that dance to the tune of your command. The Warp’s Edge universe spans across four such starfighters, facing off against five formidable alien motherships. Each encounter, a novel tapestry of challenges and thrills, dares you to adapt, evolve, and outsmart your interstellar adversaries. Isn’t it time you steered your destiny through the stars?

A Galaxy of Content

But what is a hero without trials? The Warp’s Edge Viren Invasion expansion pack catapults you into new realms of challenge and adventure. Face off against the isectoid menace with new skills and starfighters, tailored for the ultimate showdown. With 118 plastic upgraded tokens, the Token Upgrade Pack not only enhances your gameplay but immerses you deeper into this cosmic saga.

The Fabric of Space

Ever thought the universe could fit on your table? The Neoprene Playmat, with its stitched edging, not only optimizes gameplay but transforms your table into a battleground where destinies are forged. Each move, a step closer to victory or the edge of defeat. How will you navigate the warps?

Command Your Solo Odyssey

Warp’s Edge isn’t just a game; it’s a solo odyssey designed for heroes aged 10 and above. Whether you have 30-45 minutes to spare or a whole evening, embarkation on this journey promises not just entertainment but a forge for your strategic mind. Will you rise as the galaxy’s beacon or succumb to the void?

In the tapestry of space, every hero writes their saga. Warp’s Edge KS Bundle offers not just a game, but a universe brimming with possibilities, challenges, and tales of valor. Are you ready to leave your mark among the stars?

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1 speler




+10 jaar


30-45 minuten



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