Arkham Horror LCG: Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion


In the far, uncharted reaches of Antarctica, unspeakable horrors dwell on the edge of shadows.

They lurk, wait, and watch, and with them comes a secret so ancient and profound that it threatens to tear apart our very understanding of the planet we call home- if it doesn’t tear apart reality itself first.

Thus, our intrepid investigators must delve into the mysteries of the great southern ice sheets and, hopefully, uncover the truth before it is too late.

In the Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion, you’ll find a treasure trove of player cards the likes of which you’ve never seen in Arkham history.

With five investigators and around 250 cards to expand your deckbuilding options, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to strengthen your player card content like never before.

This is not a standalone product. It requires the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set to play.

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Arkham Horror LCG: Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion

To help you face the terrors of the Mythos, the Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion comes with a new group of playable investigators to rise to the challenge.

Among these newcomers is the long-awaited Lily Chen (Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion, 10). As a master martial artist with a clear goal to eradicate evil, Lily comes to Arkham LCG as a Mystic who can also wield a large range of Guardian cards. Take advantage of her mix of martial arts and mysticism with cards like Dragon Pole (Edge of the Earth IE, 60), which enhances your combat ability while you have spells equipped, and tools like Butterfly Swords (Edge of the Earth IE, 25), which let you add your agility to your skill value while attacking.

Where Lily truly shines, however, is in utilizing her unique Discipline assets to power up each of her stats. She can include any one of her four Discipline cards in her deck during deck creation, and she can add an additional Discipline for every 15 experience she has earned in total. While these assets are powerful, Lily must maintain her focus in order to truly benefit from them. For example, Balance of Body (Edge of the Earth IE, 14a) is extremely useful for taking out enemies, especially when she’s already softened them up with cards like Sweeping Kick (Edge of the Earth IE, 23). However, once it’s flipped to its Broken (Edge of the Earth IE, 14b) side, she will need to refrain from fighting in order to refocus and regain the benefits of her Discipline. In addition, each Discipline she includes in her deck is balanced by a copy of Burden of Destiny (Edge of the Earth IE, 15), which means Lily must remain constantly vigilant and never take her power for granted.

Of course, Lily is not the only investigator to join the struggle against the Mythos. Having first appeared as a promo investigator in Ire of the Void, Norman Withers (Edge of the Earth IE, 4) finally arrives in a main Arkham LCG expansion with new art and his signature asset, Livre d’Eibon (Edge of the Earth IE, 5). This astronomer is similar to Lily in that he specializes in two classes: Seeker and Mystic. With his high mental stats and unique ability to play with the top card of his deck revealed, Norman can make ample use of cards like Written in the Stars (Edge of the Earth IE, 34) and Astronomical Atlas (Edge of the Earth IE, 67) to put his considerable mind to good use. Just watch out for The Harbinger (Edge of the Earth IE, 6), or else you may find yourself unable to access your vast trove of knowledge!

Both Lily Chen and Norman Withers are investigators with a heavy focus on two classes, and this theme continues with a large number of new “multi-class” player cards. These special player cards count as more than one class at a time, and an investigator can treat the card as any of its classes for the purpose of deckbuilding. For example, Lily can use her access to Guardian cards to call upon the aid of Michael Leigh (Edge of the Earth IE, 86), utilizing his powerful abilities in tandem with her raw stats to keep her momentum going. Likewise, Norman can use his access to Mystic cards to utilize the multi-class spell Blur (Edge of the Earth IE, 109), allowing him to use his high willpower to evade his foes instead of his low agility. While Norman cannot normally include higher than level 0 Seeker cards in his deck, he can bypass this with cards like Divination (Edge of the Earth IE, 101). Since Divination is a Mystic card as well, Norman can treat it as such for the purpose of fulfilling his deck-building requirements, opening the door to a whole new range of possibilities.

This is not a standalone product. A Copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set is required to play.





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