Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack


Elevate your Wyrmspan gameplay with the exquisite Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack.

This luxurious set includes 45 metal coins and 104 wooden resource tokens, designed to enrich your gaming experience with a touch of realism.

Feel the weight of prosperity with each metal coin and strategize with tangible resources like meat, gem, gold, and milk, each intricately crafted.

Transform your board game nights into legendary tales of ambition and triumph with this essential upgrade.

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Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack + Wyrmspan
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Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack

Immerse yourself in the lavish world of Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Have you ever dreamt of hoarding treasures that rival those of mythical dragons? Do you crave the tactile satisfaction that only the finest materials can provide? Then, prepare to elevate your Wyrmspan experience from the mundane to the magnificent.

Transform Your Game into a Trove of Wonders

The Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack isn’t just an addition to your game; it’s a gateway to a realm where every coin clink and resource placement feels like forging your destiny. This isn’t merely an upgrade; it’s a revolution in how you engage with Wyrmspan. Why settle for cardboard when you can touch, feel, and marvel at 45 metal coins that sing the song of victory with every movement? Why not turn resource gathering into a feast for the senses with 104 wooden tokens, each a testament to your burgeoning empire?

A Treasure Beyond Measure

Every piece in this pack — be it metal coins echoing the wealth of ancient kingdoms or wooden tokens representing the very essence of life: meat, gem, gold, and milk — is crafted to transform your tabletop into a battlefield of empires and a haven of explorers. With 26 tokens for each resource, the diversity and abundance ensure that your journey through Wyrmspan is as limitless as your ambition.

A Tale of Epic Proportions

Imagine the awe-inspiring stories that will unfold at your table. Each coin not just a currency, but a relic of fallen empires; each wooden token, a symbol of the resources that fuel your quest for dominance. The Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack doesn’t just upgrade your game, it elevates your narrative, making every game night an epic saga waiting to be told.

In the end, isn’t it the quest for something more that drives us? The Wyrmspan Upgrade Pack is more than an accessory; it’s a declaration. A statement that you are not just playing a game. You are embarking on a journey, one where every decision is monumental, every resource precious, and every victory a legend in the making. Elevate your Wyrmspan experience. Transform your game. Forge your empire.





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