Enter the enchanting world of Wyrmspan, where you, as an amateur dracologist, unearth a hidden labyrinth and invite majestic dragons to roost in your caves.

This board game challenges you to build a sanctuary for these mythical creatures across three unique spaces: the Crimson Cavern, the Golden Grotto, and the Amethyst Abyss.

As you excavate and expand, you’ll attract dragons of all sizes, harnessing their abilities to gain favor with the Dragon Guild.

Inspired by the mechanisms of Wingspan, Wyrmspan stands as a unique, standalone game, offering a strategic journey filled with intrigue and wonder.

Prepare to shape your legacy in a realm ruled by dragons, where your choices craft the path to victory.

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Embark on a Mythical Adventure with Wyrmspan

Have you ever dreamt of being whisked away to a mystical realm where dragons soar through the skies in a kaleidoscope of colors? Imagine no more, for Wyrmspan invites you into a world teeming with these legendary beasts. As an amateur dracologist, you’ll delve deep into the hidden labyrinths of your land, unearthing secrets and beckoning dragons to find refuge within your sanctuaries.

Build Your Dragon Sanctuary in Wyrmspan

Are you ready to shape your destiny and carve out your legacy in the world of dragons? In Wyrmspan, your journey begins with the foundation of your dragon sanctuary, featuring three excavated spaces: the Crimson Cavern, the Golden Grotto, and the Amethyst Abyss. Each step of the way, you’ll strategically expand your sanctuary, enticing dragons of all sizes and majesties to reside within your realm. But beware, for each decision carries weight in this intricate dance of strategy and fortune.

Chain Together Abilities and Earn the Dragon Guild’s Favor

Do you possess the cunning and foresight to master the art of dracology? In Wyrmspan, it’s not just about creating a home for dragons; it’s about chaining together their powerful abilities to earn the favor of the elusive Dragon Guild. As you advance, you’ll discover that each dragon brings unique abilities to the table, creating a symphony of strategies that will test your skills and reward your ingenuity.

A Standalone Game Inspired by the Mechanics of Wingspan

Are you a fan of the award-winning game Wingspan? If so, you’ll find a familiar charm in Wyrmspan, which is inspired by Wingspan’s beloved mechanics. Yet, fear not, for Wyrmspan stands alone with its distinct elements, offering a fresh and exciting experience that is both engaging and challenging.

In a world where dragons reign supreme, will you rise to the challenge and create the ultimate sanctuary? Wyrmspan is more than a game; it’s an invitation to a fantastical journey that will captivate your imagination and test your strategic prowess. Unearth the labyrinth, beckon the dragons, and let your legend begin.

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