Foundations of Metropolis


Foundations of Metropolis, designed by the award-winning Emerson Matsuuchi, invites players to become the greatest architect in a competitive city-building board game.

Over three rounds, players purchase deeds to empty lots, construct buildings, and compete for prestige. More complex buildings require additional lots but yield greater rewards.

The player with the highest prestige becomes the Grand Architect. With a quick setup and easy-to-learn rules, this game provides a seamless and engaging experience.

Featuring polyomino pieces and a fresh theme, it builds on the success of Foundations of Rome. On your turn, choose to buy a new lot, build in the shared city, or collect income.

Points are earned based on population, commerce, and civic buildings, contributing to an immersive and strategic gameplay experience.

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Foundations of Metropolis

Welcome to the World of Foundations of Metropolis

Imagine yourself as the greatest architect, shaping the skyline of a bustling metropolis. In Foundations of Metropolis, this vision becomes reality. Designed by the award-winning Emerson Matsuuchi, this elegant and intuitive city-building board game invites you to create the city of your dreams.

Plan & Build Your Masterpiece

Over three thrilling rounds, you and your fellow players will compete to become the most prestigious architect in the city. How will you achieve this? By purchasing deeds to empty lots and constructing magnificent buildings. Each lot you acquire and every building you erect brings you closer to the coveted title of Grand Architect. But beware – the more complex the building, the more lots you’ll need. The reward? Even greater prestige and glory.

Quick Setup, Endless Fun

Just like its predecessor, Foundations of Rome, this game features a “take out of the box” and go setup. Each player receives a board with all their building tiles neatly arranged, ready for action. On your turn, you can choose to purchase a new lot, build a structure in the shared city, or collect income. Simple choices with profound strategic implications.

Score Points, Gain Prestige

At the end of each round, players collect points based on the population and commerce their buildings have attracted, as well as the glory for civic structures that benefit not only themselves but also their opponents. The player with the most points at the end of the game is appointed the Grand Architect, celebrated for their superior urban planning and architectural prowess.

Elegant Design, Engaging Gameplay

Featuring the same straightforward setup and easy-to-learn rules as the original Foundations of Rome, Foundations of Metropolis ensures you spend more time playing and less time preparing. The game’s polyomino pieces and fresh theme breathe new life into city-building games, offering a rich blend of strategy and competition that will captivate both new and experienced players.

Be the Architect of Your Dreams

Are you ready to leave your mark on the city? To become the Grand Architect in Foundations of Metropolis? With its quick setup, engaging mechanics, and the thrill of competing for prestige, this game is a must-have for every board game enthusiast. Purchase your copy today and start building your legacy in the city of Metropolis.

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