Create your dream city with Cities, the engaging city-building board game. Tasked by City Hall, you’ll design neighborhoods with homes, offices, parks, and water features.

Strategically place tiles to score points based on attractiveness and efficiency. Designed by Steve Finn and Phil Walker Harding, this game offers action and resource drafting for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, with 30-45-minute gameplay.

Travel to cities like Sydney and New York, complete achievements, and compete for the highest score. Will your city be the most magnificent?

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Transform Your City with Cities – The Ultimate City-Building Board Game!

Have you ever dreamed of being an urban planner, tasked with creating the next iconic neighborhood? Cities places this power in your hands, challenging you to design and build a vibrant cityscape that balances residences, office buildings, parks, and waterfront leisure areas. It’s a game of strategy, creativity, and resource management that will captivate players of all ages.

Build Your Dream Neighborhood

City Hall has handed you the keys to one of its prime districts. Your mission? To transform it into the city’s coolest zone. With a plethora of components at your disposal, you’ll create new homes, bustling office buildings, serene parks, and refreshing water features. But it’s not just about building – it’s about building smart. The placement of your city tiles will determine your success, as you score points based on how attractively and efficiently you arrange your neighborhood.

Gameplay That Captivates

Designed by the renowned duo Steve Finn and Phil Walker Harding, and brought to life with illustrations by Jorge Tabanera, Cities is a city-building game that lets you draft the best projects and arrange them in your playing area. Suitable for 2 to 4 players, ages 10 and up, each game lasts about 40 minutes – perfect for family game nights or casual gatherings with friends.

Dynamic and Strategic Play

Cities features action and resource drafting mechanisms that add depth and excitement to every round. Over the course of eight rounds (or four rounds for a two-player game), you’ll use your workers to collect scoring cards, city tiles, feature tiles, and building pieces. Create structures up to four stories high, and strategically place park and water spaces to enhance your city’s appeal.

A Global Journey

Travel to iconic cities like Sydney, Venice, New York, and more, as you draw inspiration from their unique architectural styles. Each round is an opportunity to build something magnificent, aiming to fulfill achievements that earn you extra points. Place your discs on the achievement board to track your success and outshine your competitors.

Scoring and Achievements

At the end of the game, tally up your points from scoring cards and achievements. The player with the most points wins, having built the most stunning and efficient neighborhood. Will your city be the envy of urban planners everywhere?

Why Choose Cities?

If you’re a fan of city-building games and cooperative gameplay, Cities offers an immersive experience that’s both challenging and rewarding. Its blend of strategy, creativity, and competition makes it a standout choice for any game collection.

Bring out your inner architect and transform your city into a masterpiece. With Cities, the possibilities are endless – and the future of urban design is in your hands.

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