Expeditions Gears of Corruption Ironclad Edition


Following a series of expeditions into the frigid Siberian tundra, corruption has spread from animals and people to a much larger threat.

In Expeditions Gears of Corruption, new heroes gather to face a mechanical monster, exploring Tunguska with fresh eyes. This expansion adds secret bonuses on map tokens and a corrupted mech roaming the land.

It introduces 2 new mechs, 4 new character/companion pairs, and components for a 6th player. Early gameplay is faster with starting resources and a hero worker that can act as any type of worker.

This Ironclad Edition includes metal mechs and rubber base snaps, designed to fit into the original box insert. Enhance your gameplay with these exciting new elements and take on the challenges that await.

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Expeditions Gears of Corruption Ironclad Edition

A New Adventure in the Siberian Tundra

Imagine the icy winds of Siberia biting at your face as you traverse the treacherous landscape. Following a series of expeditions—some triumphant, others tragic—corruption has seeped into every corner of this frozen wasteland. From wildlife to humans, and now a looming mechanical monster, the stakes have never been higher. Enter the fray with Expeditions Gears of Corruption, where new heroes, equipped with superior gear, face unprecedented challenges. The shifting terrain of Tunguska awaits your brave explorers, offering both peril and hidden rewards.

Unveil New Dimensions of Gameplay

The Gears of Corruption expansion introduces a thrilling layer of risk and reward. Secret bonuses lie hidden within map tokens, while a corrupted mech roams, posing a persistent threat. But fear not! This expansion equips you with two formidable new mechs and four character/companion pairs, each bringing unique abilities to the table. Plus, with components for a sixth player, the adventure becomes even more dynamic and inclusive. Early gameplay accelerates with starting resources and a versatile hero worker, setting the stage for an epic journey.

Rich Components to Enhance Your Experience

This Ironclad Edition of Gears of Corruption comes with meticulously crafted metal mechs and a rubber base snap, all designed to fit seamlessly into the original box insert. Here’s what’s inside:
– 2 metal large mech miniatures and base snaps
– 7 mech mats (including 2 new ones)
– 16 new map tokens with secret bonuses
– 6 hero workers
– 8 starting cards
– 6 discovery cards
– 7 mech cards
– 12 corruption cards
– Components for a 6th player

Why Choose Gears of Corruption?

Why settle for the ordinary when you can dive into a world teeming with suspense and strategic depth? The game’s engine-building mechanics, coupled with card-driven gameplay, offer endless strategic possibilities. Enhance your mechs with items, meteorites, and quests, and use power and guile to conquer corruption. Every decision you make echoes through the game, shaping your journey and your legacy.

Join the Battle Today

Are you ready to face the unknown? With Expeditions Gears of Corruption, every game is a new story waiting to unfold. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a newcomer, this expansion promises to elevate your gameplay experience. So gather your companions, prepare your mechs, and set forth into the wilds of Tunguska. The adventure of a lifetime awaits—are you prepared to conquer the corruption?

Experience the thrill, the danger, and the triumph with Gears of Corruption. Order now and transform your gaming nights into epic sagas of heroism and strategy.

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