High Rise


In the world of High Rise, you’re thrust into the urban jungle of skyscraper construction, where strategy intertwines with a dash of corruption.

With a one-way track dictating your every move, you’ll collect resources, construct towering edifices, and leverage the unique powers of various tenants to outmaneuver competitors. But tread carefully, as corruption can both elevate and undermine your ambitions.

Offering three modes, this game adapts to any player’s skill level, promising a fresh, strategic challenge with every playthrough.

Can you dominate the skyline and emerge as the ultimate city builder?
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High Rise

Build, Strategize, and Navigate the Heights of Power in High Rise

Have you ever dreamt of shaping the skyline of a bustling metropolis, of being the architect of an urban masterpiece? Enter the world of High Rise, a game where strategy, corruption, and city building intertwine to offer a gameplay experience as towering as the skyscrapers you aim to construct. But beware, for in this city, the path to victory is paved not just with good intentions but with shrewd maneuvers and, sometimes, a willingness to dabble in the darker arts of corruption.

High Rise is not just another board game; it’s a journey through the cutthroat alleys of urban development, where each decision could elevate you to new heights or see your ambitions crumble like a poorly founded edifice. Are you ready to navigate this one-way track of strategic decisions, resource collection, and competitive construction, all while managing the murky waters of corruption?

The Foundations of Power: Gameplay Mechanics

At the heart of High Rise lies a one-way track — a simple yet profound mechanism that dictates the flow of play. Move too quickly, and you may miss crucial opportunities; lag behind, and your rivals will outpace you in the race to the top. Every unoccupied space ahead holds potential: collect resources, construct monumental buildings, or repay favors to gain an edge.

But what’s a city without its tenants? With 45 different tenants, each offering unique powers, no two games are the same. Your strategy must evolve based on who’s moving in. Will it be the tech giants or the government entities that will bolster your rise to the top?

Ascending the Ladder: Modes of Play

Whether you’re a newcomer to the urban jungle or a seasoned developer, High Rise offers three modes to cater to all levels of experience. Start with the Introductory mode to get a feel of the game, or dive straight into the Full mode for a deep and decision-rich experience. Each mode is a different journey through the game’s strategic depth, ensuring that High Rise remains as replayable as it is engaging.

In High Rise, every skyscraper is more than just floors and windows; it’s a testament to your cunning and strategic prowess. Will you rise as the city’s most influential developer, or will the lure of corruption be your downfall? The skyline is your canvas — build it wisely.

Embark on this urban odyssey where skyscrapers are not just built but woven into the fabric of destiny. Are you ready to construct your legacy?

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