Everdell Newleaf


Discover the enchanting charm of Everdell Newleaf Board Game Expansion – your ticket to a thriving cityscape filled with innovation and captivating tales!

Ready to experience the next level of Everdell gaming?

Elevate your Everdell gameplay with new critters, constructions, and events that bring fresh excitement to your blossoming city.

The Everdell Newleaf Expansion features the unique Train Station Board, resource-delivering Train Cars, and travel-ready Tickets, making it the perfect addition to your board game collection.

Stay ahead in the game by securing high-demand Reservation Tokens and embracing the magic of Everdell Newleaf: “Where Every Leaf Tells a Tale.”

Don’t miss out on this must-have Everdell board game expansion that’ll transform your gaming nights into unforgettable adventures.

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Everdell Newleaf

Discover the charm of Everdell Newleaf, where dreams take flight on the wings of innovation!

Are you ready to nurture your bustling city as it blossoms like never before?

With new critters scurrying about, visionary constructions rising high, and riveting events unfolding, you’ll be the master architect of your own captivating story.

All aboard the Train Station Board, your ticket to a world of endless possibilities!

Let the resource-laden Train Cars fuel your imagination and watch your city thrive. Will you snag the most sought-after Tickets and Reservation Tokens to stay ahead of the curve?

Embrace the magic of Everdell Newleaf: “Where Every Leaf Tells a Tale.”

Join us on this enchanting journey and transform your Everdell experience into a mesmerizing adventure you’ll never forget!



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1 speler, 1-4 spelers, 2 spelers, 3 spelers, 4 spelers


+10 jaar


40-100 minuten




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