Cartographers Heroes


Cartographers Heroes is the sequel to the critically acclaimed map-drawing game Cartographers. It includes all-new map sheets, scoring cards, explore cards, and ambush cards with unique abilities.

The expedition to the Western Lands is the kind of honor that comes once in a lifetime for a royal cartographer. But these are dangerous times. War ravages the land, and you are sure to encounter Dragul forces determined to thwart Queen Gimnax’s plans for western expansion.

Fortunately, brave heroes have risen to the defense of Nalos. Chart their deeds alongside the queen’s edicts and secure your place in history.

Cartographers Heroes can be played on its own or mixed with components from the original game for a greater variety of gameplay possibilities.

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Cartographers Heroes


Explore Phase
A player reveals the top card of the Explore Deck and places it face up in the center of the table so all players can see it.
Draw Phase
All players simultaneously choose one of the terrain types and one of the shapes depicted on the explore card and draws it on their own map sheet.
Check Phase
At the end of the turn, the players check to see if the season is complete and players either move to the Scoring Phase or return to the Explore Phase.
Scoring Phase
Once the players have met or exceeded the time threshold on the season card, the season is complete and players score their map. A new season begins or the game ends after four seasons.


If a HERO CARD is revealed, each player draws a 1×1 square anywhere on their map and fills it with the hero terrain type, then makes hit markings on each space that the hero can attack, as indicated on the hero card. All normal rules and restrictions apply.

Hit markings do not fill spaces, and may be placed overlapping already filled spaces. Monsters in spaces a hero can attack are destroyed!

Destroyed Spaces

Some spaces on a player’s map sheet may become destroyed in Cartographers Heroes. When a space is destroyed, place a large X over the space. Destroyed spaces are considered filled spaces, but do not have a terrain type.


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