Heroes of Terrinoth – Gamemat


This 26’ x 26’ gamemat is for use with Heroes of Terrinoth, a cooperative card game of questing and adventure. This gamemat features a map of Terrinoth, handy for any adventures. More importantly, it also features locations for quest sheets, enemy cards, location cards, exploration cards, and the nemesis lair. Each of these will be essential in the challenges to come, and the Heroes of Terrinoth Gamemat keeps them close at hand!

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Evil has besieged Terrinoth on all sides, and the great realm is not what it once was. Many great cities have been cast down in ruins, and many wondrous secrets and powerful artifacts have been lost. Everyone dreams of spinning their own tale, of forging their own legend, of returning Terrinoth to its former glory.

But adventuring in Terrinoth relies on more than just cunning, skill, and luck. You have to properly prepare for your journey if you’re going to overcome the challenges that await and defeat terrifying enemies on your quest to become a hero of Terrinoth!

Prepare for your adventures with the Heroes of Terrinoth Gamemat! With no small amount of obstacles awaiting you and your friends, you’ll need all the help you can get to ascend to the level of the heroes of old. With the Heroes of Terrinoth Gamemat, you’ll be prepared before you even take your first step.





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