Wyrmspan Playmat


Why switch to natural rubber?

Some players prefer this neoprene-like material because it’s easier to remove cards from them.

Each playmat is sold separately so you can buy exactly as many as you need (i.e., if you usually play Wyrmspan with 1 other person, you could buy 2) ,Wyrmspan plays up to 5 players.

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Wyrmspan Playmat

Ever wondered why the wise old dragons prefer the lush, verdant valleys over the rugged mountains? Much like these mythical beasts, your gaming experience deserves a sanctuary where every move is seamless, and every card lands with majestic grace. Enter the realm of Wyrmspan Playmat, a kingdom where natural rubber reigns supreme, and the fantasy of strategic gameplay unfolds in the palm of your hand.

Why Natural Rubber?

Imagine the soft caress of a neoprene-like embrace, a surface that whispers tales of ancient battles and legendary victories. This is the essence of the Wyrmspan Playmat. Why switch to natural rubber? The question isn’t why, but rather, why not? Some players, those who understand the call of the dragons, prefer this material because it’s easier to remove cards from them. It’s like excavating precious artifacts with the care and precision of a seasoned archaeologist, ensuring that your treasures remain pristine.

Customize Your Dragon Sanctuary

Each playmat sold separately is not a statement of solitude but an invitation to tailor your dragon habitat to your heart’s desire. Whether you’re engaging in a duel of fates or gathering a council of up to 5 players, the choice is yours. Buy exactly as many as you need because, in the realm of Wyrmspan, flexibility is the key to building your sanctuary.

The Majesty of Seamless Gameplay

Engage in the art of strategic gameplay, where each decision carries the weight of centuries. The Wyrmspan Playmat is not just a gaming accessory; it’s an enhancement to your game setup, a bridge to an immersive experience where fantasy and reality blur. Dragons, those fantasy creatures of lore, now find a new home on your tabletop, inviting you to partake in the creation of your very own dragon sanctuary.

In the world of board games and tabletop gaming, the Wyrmspan Playmat stands as a testament to innovation and dedication to the craft. Its natural rubber surface, designed for collectors and strategic minds alike, promises a game play experience unlike any other. So, why wait? The dragon’s domain awaits, and with it, the promise of legendary adventures and timeless memories. Step into the sanctuary; your dragons are calling.





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