World of Tanks: Miniatures Game


Take the Online Game to the tabletop

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game is an easy to learn, quick play game, where you take command of a unit of tanks, seeking to destroy your opponent and secure victory!

All the models in World of Tanks come ASSEMBLED, PAINTED, and BATTLE READY!
The starter set contains everything you need to start playing, including:

  • 4x Highly Detailed, Assembled, Painted Plastic Tanks
  • 6x Custom Dice
  • Tank Cards
  • Terrain and Tokens
  • Crew & Equipment Upgrade Cards
  • Damage Deck

Each World of Tanks: Miniatures Game product includes IN-GAME BONUS CARDS that can be redeemed in the online game!

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World of Tanks: Miniatures Game

Bringing together the iconic tanks of World War II which you’ll have seen in the likes of Flames Of War, Gale Force Nine have combined that with the look and feel of the very popular World Of Tanks video game in order to make a dynamic and intense clash on the tabletop for two or more players. Games are quick and easy, taking around thirty minutes or so to play and allow you to get into deadly clashes between your favourite pieces of armour.

World Of Tanks Starter Set Models - Gale Force Nine

Each of the tanks that you get in the game come pre-assembled, base coated/painted and ready to use. Each has been given a coat of paint to suit their particular look from the period and could easily be upgraded if you fancy getting stuck in and do a bit of hobby. But, you don’t need to if you just want to dive in and play with some fun World War II tanks.

World Of Tanks Card Fan - Gale Force Nine

Each tank comes with its own statistics card which gives you a peek inside it plus you can then throw in loads of upgrades and equipment too. You can then train your crew, just like in the video game, in order to make them a band of veterans who can take on all-comers.





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