Windmill Valley


Travel back to the late 19th century with Windmill Valley, where the Dutch landscape is adorned with thousands of windmills.

In this board game, you’re a tulip farmer and entrepreneur, tasked with building and enhancing windmills, trading tulip bulbs, and outmaneuvering competitors.

Each turn, you’ll make strategic decisions to grow your empire: enhance windmills, plant tulips for victory points, and use helpers for bonuses.

The game’s action-selection mechanism and multiple engine-building options offer a dynamic experience in a beautifully thematic setting.

Quick turns and a lightweight design make Windmill Valley an engaging game for players of all levels. Will you let your fields bloom and rise to become the master of tulips?

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Windmill Valley

Step into the Past with Windmill Valley: A Tulip Farming Adventure

Imagine, if you will, the late 19th century. The Dutch landscape is a picturesque tapestry woven with over 9,000 windmills, their sails turning gracefully against the sky. These architectural marvels, designed to drain the lowlands known as polders, are surrounded by vibrant fields of tulips. Yes, tulips – those mesmerizing flowers that once fueled a financial frenzy but now calmly define the Netherlands’ essence, especially along the renowned Bloemen Route. This is the world of Windmill Valley, a board game that brings history and strategy to your tabletop.

Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur

In Windmill Valley, you’re not just a player; you’re a tulip farmer, an entrepreneur, a visionary! Up to four players can join in this pastoral contest. Your mission? To build and enhance your windmills, outsmart competitors, and create a tulip empire. As you turn the wheels on your windmill board, choices abound. Will you invest in exotic tulip bulbs from distant lands or rely on the local market? Perhaps you’ll employ savvy helpers to gain an edge. It’s not just about growing flowers; it’s about growing fortunes.

Build, Trade, and Bloom

The game is a kaleidoscope of strategy and charm. You’ll enhance your windmills, adding ingenious mechanisms that make your farm more efficient. Plant tulips that score victory points, turning your fields into a vibrant mosaic of colors. But it’s not just about what you plant; it’s where you build. Strategically place your windmills on the main board to reap rewards from adjacent fields. Contracts and foreign trades offer paths to victory, but choose wisely – every decision shapes your journey in the valley.

A Game for Everyone

Windmill Valley is more than a game; it’s an experience. Its lightweight nature ensures quick turns and a smart action-selection mechanism, making it accessible for both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. The multiple engine-building options promise a unique adventure every time you play. It’s not just a game; it’s a journey back in time, a challenge to your strategic skills, and a celebration of the Dutch spirit.

So, are you ready to let your fields bloom and make your competitors green with envy? Join us in Windmill Valley and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a colorful reality!

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