Wandering Towers


Welcome to the magical realm of Wandering Towers, where wizards race against time to reach the enigmatic Ravenskeep.

Designed for 2-6 players, this tabletop game is perfect for family gatherings.

Use spells to move towers and reach your destination faster. But what about those empty potion bottles?

Trap rival wizards to capture their magical essence.

It’s a blend of strategy, luck, and a dash of magic, promising a thrilling journey for players aged 8 and up.

Don’t miss out on the magic; get your copy today!

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Wandering Towers

Step into the Enchanted World of Wandering Towers

Are you ready to embark on a magical journey like no other? Welcome to the world of Wandering Towers, a tabletop game that’s more than just a strategy game—it’s an experience. Imagine a realm where the towers themselves roam and wizards wield spells as naturally as breathing. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? Well, it’s time to turn that fantasy into reality.

Master the Art of Magic at Ravenrealm

Each year, the graduating classes of the Ravenrealm Magic School—think of it as the Harvard of the magical world—compete to showcase their mastery of magic. The final showdown happens at the legendary Ravenskeep, a fortress as enigmatic as the spells that protect it. But here’s the catch: our young wizards have been too engrossed in learning new spells, leaving them with empty potion bottles. Can you guide them to Ravenskeep fully prepared?

It’s Not Just a Game, It’s a Race Against Time

Time is ticking, and your wizards need to reach Ravenskeep as swiftly as possible. But how? Picture this: using their magic, your wizards can move the very towers they stand on. Yes, you heard it right—the towers are not just static pieces on the board; they’re dynamic elements that you can control. It’s like playing chess, but the board itself is part of your strategy.

Trap, Capture, and Conquer

So, how do you refill those empty potion bottles? Here’s where the game gets even more intriguing. By trapping other wizards—yes, you can actually trap them—you capture some of their magical essence in a bottle. Think of it as capturing a piece of their soul, a secret ingredient for your magical brews. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, even for wizards.

Why Wandering Towers is the Ultimate Family Game

Designed for 2-6 players and with a playing time of just 30 minutes, Wandering Towers is the perfect game for a rainy Sunday afternoon with the family. It’s a blend of strategy, luck, and a dash of magic, making it accessible for players aged 8 and up. It’s not just a game; it’s a journey—a journey to Ravenskeep that promises to be as thrilling as the destination itself.

Ready to Unleash Your Inner Wizard?

So, are you ready to take the plunge into the mystical world of Wandering Towers? With its unique blend of strategy and fantasy, it’s a game that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, spellbound until the very end. Don’t miss out on the magic. Get your copy today and let the journey to Ravenskeep begin!





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