Undaunted 2200 Callisto


The acclaimed Undaunted series launches into space with Undaunted 2200 Callisto.

Command mechs and build decks in a strategic battle for the moon of Callisto, where Earth’s corporations and a mining collective vie for supremacy.

This standalone game brings thrilling sci-fi warfare to life on a beautifully illustrated map. Engage in tactical gameplay across solo, two-player, and four-player modes.

Navigate challenging terrains, secure strategic positions, and leverage your mechanical might to dominate the resource-rich lunar landscape.

Your legacy among the stars awaits in Undaunted 2200 Callisto

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Undaunted 2200 Callisto

Embark on an Epic Quest Across the Stars

Have you ever dreamed of commanding your fleet of mechs on a distant moon, battling for control over its precious resources? Look no further! Undaunted: Callisto propels the award-winning Undaunted series into the cosmos, blending strategic deck-building with thrilling sci-fi warfare.

A Battle of Wits and Will on Callisto

In the year 2200 CE, the bleak yet resource-rich moon of Callisto becomes a hotbed of conflict. Earth’s corporate titans clash with the valiant mining collective in a high-stakes game of power and survival. Will you side with the conglomerate’s might or champion the workers’ resolve?

Undaunted 2200 Callisto isn’t just a game; it’s an adventure set against the backdrop of Jupiter’s second-largest moon. With its stunningly illustrated map, you’re not just playing; you’re immersing yourself in an epic struggle for dominance.

Strategize, Adapt, Overcome

Why settle for the mundane when you can steer private security forces, repurpose industrial mining vehicles for combat, and awaken long-disused military mechs? Undaunted 2200 Callisto offers a unique blend of strategy and suspense, ensuring no two battles are ever the same.

Whether you’re a lone wolf or thrive in the camaraderie of your allies, this game adapts to your style with two-player, four-player, and solo modes. Navigate the barren lunar landscape, seize dominant high-ground positions, and deploy your formidable mechs. Victory on Callisto requires more than brute force; it demands cunning and strategy.

Your Destiny Awaits

Do you have what it takes to conquer Callisto? Will your name be etched in the annals of spacefaring history as a hero or a cautionary tale? The choice is yours.

Dive into Undaunted 2200 Callisto and forge your legacy among the stars. Ready your decks, command your mechs, and claim victory over Callisto’s treasures. The battle for the future begins now.

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