Token Keep Black


Dive into the world of Token Keep Black, a luxurious sanctuary for your game pieces.

With Gamegenic’s signature “Convertible System”, this premium box transforms, offering space and security for your tokens, cards, and dice.

Whether you’re housing 40 double-sleeved cards or 80 unsleeved ones, it’s perfect for board games, TCGs, and LCGs.

Seamlessly fitting into Gamegenic’s Dungeon 1100+ and Dungeon S 550+, elevate your entire gaming experience.

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Token Keep Black

Discover the Magic of Token Keep Black

Have you ever felt the thrill of drawing that perfect card or rolling the dice just right in a board game? Now, imagine having a treasure chest, a sanctuary, where these precious game pieces reside. Enter the world of Token Keep Black, not just a storage box, but a realm where your gaming tokens and cards are treated like royalty.

More Than Just a Box: A Gaming Experience

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The Token Keep Black isn’t just a token container; it’s a storyteller. Each time you open it, it whispers tales of epic battles, strategic moves, and moments of sheer luck. And with Gamegenic’s signature “Convertible System”, this box transforms, just like a plot twist in your favorite game. The removable cover? It doesn’t just disappear; it clips onto the bottom, making space for the real heroes – your game pieces.

Ever Wondered Where Your Tokens Dream?

Inside this premium token box, your tokens, cards, and dice aren’t just stored; they’re cradled. They’re given a home. Think of it as a luxurious palace where your game pieces rest, dream, and prepare for the next battle. And with powerful magnets ensuring a secure closure, they’re always safe, always ready.

A Token Keeper for All Your Adventures

From dice that have seen countless battles to cards that hold the power to change the game, the Token Keep Black is designed to hold them all. Whether they’re 40 double-sleeved warriors, 50 single-sleeved mages, or 80 unsleeved foot soldiers, there’s room for everyone. And it’s not just for tokens; it’s perfect for a myriad of board games, Trading Card Games (TCGs), and Living Card Games (LCGs). Ever imagined a place where all your gaming universes collide? This is it.

Perfect Harmony with Gamegenic’s Dungeon Series

But the story doesn’t end here. Thanks to Gamegenic’s modular design, the Token Keep Black fits perfectly into the Dungeon 1100+ and Dungeon S 550+. It’s like finding that missing piece in a puzzle, the perfect harmony in a song.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

So, why wait? Dive into a world where your game pieces are more than just objects; they’re characters in an ever-evolving story. With Token Keep Black, elevate not just your storage, but your entire gaming experience.





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