The Wolves


Ready to howl at the moon? Unleash your pack-building skills with The Wolves board game!”

Hey there, fellow board game enthusiasts! 🐺🌕

Want to take on the challenge of building your own wolf pack and dominate the wilderness? Look no further than The Wolves board game! 🐾

With clever gameplay and a unique action-selection mechanism, this pack-building strategy game is sure to keep you on your toes.

Claim territory, recruit lone wolves, and hunt prey to become the top dog (or wolf, rather) in the pack.

But be careful not to step on your rivals’ turf, or they might just lure your pack members away with some tasty treats. 😋

And let’s not forget the mid-game scoring phases, where power is calculated in each region. Don’t be caught napping, or you’ll be howling at the moon alone. 🌕

So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, let out a mighty howl, and unleash your pack-building skills with The Wolves board game! 🐺

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The Wolves

The Wolves is a pack-building strategy game for 2-5 players. It’s survival of the fittest as you compete to build the largest, most dominant pack by claiming territory, recruiting lone wolves, and hunting prey. But be careful not to expand too recklessly into terrain where your rivals thrive – they may lure members of your pack away.

A clever action-selection mechanism drives your choices. Each action requires you to flip terrain tiles matching the terrain where you wish to take your action. These double-sided tiles mean the actions you take this round will set up which terrain types you can act on in the next round. As you take actions to expand your pack’s control of each region, you will also upgrade your pack’s attributes, allowing you to take more aggressive actions as the game goes on.

There are 3 mid-game scoring phases where power is calculated in each region. At the end of the game players will tally up points based on VP tokens earned in these scoring phases and the highest VP number revealed in each of the 6 tracks on your player board. The player with the most VP wins!



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+14 jaar


75 minuten





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