The Lord of the Rings LCG: Khazad-Dum


It has been many years since the Dwarves last heard from Balin. Now the heroes of Middle-earth must search for signs of him and his fledgling Dwarven colony.

Khazad-dûm is the first deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, expanding your game with 165 new cards.

Two Dwarf heroes offer their services, and players gain the benefit of new player cards (three copies of each) while facing new scenarios filled with perilous locations and a menacing host of enemies.

This is not a standalone set. A copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Core Set is required to play.

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The Lord of the Rings LCG: Khazad-Dum

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game offers a unique, narrative play experience for cooperative or solo play. Middle-earth’s heroes undertake fantastic quests that lead them to distant and dangerous locations. Along their journeys, they must battle past enemies and steer away from the Dark Lord’s reach and the treachery he plots for them.

The story that began with the Core Set continues to expand further into the world of Middle-earth with each new release.

Where the Core Set and Shadows of Mirkwood cycle of Adventure Packs explored the forests of Mirkwood and related the trials of chasing creatures through the wilds, Khazad-dûm evokes the ominous dread of your fellowship’s dark and perilous journey through Moria’s abandoned tunnels.

With no map nor guide to lead them, your heroes must light their torches and find their own way through the intersecting mines. Khazad-dûm introduces a number of dreadful new Underground and Dark locations, any of which may hold the clues to Balin’s silence that your heroes seek.

Fortunately, Dwarves are little bothered by the dark, and Khazad-dûm provides a wealth of new player cards that expand design options for any deck, but particularly for those with Dwarves! In addition to two new Dwarf heroes, Khazad-dûm strengthens the Dwarven contribution to any fellowship with new Dwarf allies, attachments, and events.

So while the Khazad-dûm expansion is an exciting addition in its own right, it’s also the first step in the game’s next engaging narrative. With it, you’ll have the option of bringing new regions to your gaming experience. Explore more of Middle-earth than ever before, from the forests of the Core Set and the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, to the perilous caves and treacherous peaks of the Misty Mountains.

Will your passage through Moria be tragic or heroic? The Dwarven kingdoms await word of Balin and his fledgling colony, so strike up a torch and head into the depths of Khazad-dûm !

This is not a standalone product. A copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Core Set is required to play.





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