The Lord of the Rings: Defenders of Gondor Starter Deck


The Kingdom of Gondor has been beset by enemies for centuries.

Constantly under the threat of Mordor, the people of Gondor have grown into stalwart defenders of the Free Peoples, and now players can experience the unyielding will of the Gondorians as they arrive in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

These proud warriors stand tall in the face of adversity, which is reflected in their high-risk, high-reward abilities and tendency to be strongest while threat is high.

For players who enjoy come-from-behind victories and never backing down, they will love the Defenders of Gondor Starter Deck!

This expansion comes with a 53-card pre-built deck, giving players the chance to start playing right out of the box.

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The Lord of the Rings: Defenders of Gondor Starter Deck

The Kingdom of Gondor has been beset by enemies for centuries, and Defenders of Gondor builds upon that theme with a starter deck that thrives when your back is against the wall.

In The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, you are eliminated if your threat ever reaches 50 or more, which means you normally want to keep your threat as low as possible. However, many cards in the Defenders of Gondor starter deck, such as Angbor the Fearless (Defenders of Gondor, 4) and Soldier of Gondor (Defenders of Gondor, 5), truly shine while your threat is 40 or higher. With threat that high, you’re going to be engaging a lot of enemies, but fortunately you have stalwart defenders like Gondorian Spearman (Defenders of Gondor, 12) and Defender of Rammas (Defenders of Gondor, 7) ready to hold the line. Bolster your defenses even further with Behind Strong Walls (Defenders of Gondor, 21) and Gondorian Shield (Defenders of Gondor, 16), and no matter how many foes you face, Gondor will never fall!

Of course, in order to truly keep the armies of the Enemy at bay, Gondor will need strong leadership, and fortunately the heroes of Defenders of Gondor can rise to the challenge.

Prince Imrahil (Defenders of Gondor, 2) can avenge your fallen soldiers as they leave play, while Mablung (Defenders of Gondor, 3) gives you more resources to work with as you engage with enemies. Use the Envoy of Pelargir (Defenders of Gondor, 13) to ensure that Boromir (Defenders of Gondor, 1) has a resource in his pool, then use his innate ability in tandem with Visionary Leadership (Defenders of Gondor, 20) to power through quests and enemy forces alike!





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