Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition – Vulture-class Droid Fighter


The Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion Pack contains everything you need to begin building your own squadron of linked droid starfighters—most importantly, a beautifully pre-painted Vulture-class droid fighter miniature.

Additionally, five ship cards give you the ability to outfit your droid fighter with distinct types of programming while five upgrade cards provide even more freedom to shape your squadron.

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Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition – Vulture-class Droid Fighter

No matter how skilled they are, starfighter pilots can only do so much from the cockpits of their individual ships. Seeking to overcome these limitations, the Separatist Alliance takes a novel approach to space combat. Rather than “traditional” organic pilots controlling only a single ship, they turn to groups of interlinked droid starfighters that share tactical data in real time and coordinate their movements to overwhelm their enemies.

At the heart of these attack groups is the Vulture-class droid fighter. While weak in isolation, a sufficient number of these fighters can quickly become too much for even the most experienced pilots to handle. Already capable of precise combat calculations, Vulture droids become even more deadly when they’re fed additional tactical data from supporting command ships. Soon, you’ll be able to make these droids the cornerstone of your own strategies with the Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion Pack for X-Wing™!

Within this expansion, you’ll find one Vulture-class droid fighter miniature, beautifully painted in the colors of the Trade Federation as well as five ship cards representing different programming styles for you to employ in battle. You can further shape your Vulture droid to fit your personal strategy with five upgrade cards.

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