Star Wars Unlimited Double Deck Pod White/Black


Prepare for an epic journey with the Star Wars Unlimited Double Deck Pod White/Black.

This official deck box, tailored for Star Wars™: Unlimited players, boasts unique Slide Card Cases for quick deck identification and UV protection.

Its compact design holds 2 decks and essential accessories, while the CONVERTIBLE system secures your game with robust magnets.

Experience strategy and excitement in a whole new way!

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Star Wars Unlimited Double Deck Pod White/Black

Are you ready to traverse the galaxies of your imagination, right from your tabletop? Does the force call out to you from the realms of strategy and lore? If so, the Star Wars Unlimited Double Deck Pod White/Black is your gateway to an experience that’s as limitless as the stars themselves!

Embark on an Unparalleled Journey

Imagine holding not just a deck, but an entire universe between your fingers. The Star Wars Unlimited Double Deck Pod White/Black isn’t your ordinary deck box; it’s a vessel, a starship, designed exclusively for the voyagers of Star Wars™: Unlimited. With its premium build, this officially licensed marvel transforms your gameplay into a saga worth telling.

A Galaxy of Features at Your Fingertips

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The Double Deck Pod is a cosmos of innovation, featuring 2 Slide Card Cases that do more than just protect your leader cards with additional UV protection – they’re your allies in the heat of battle. With a glance, identify your decks without even opening the box! Detach and use them during gameplay; it’s not just a storage solution, but a tactical advantage.

Unmatched Capacity for Intergalactic Conquest

Feel the heft of 2 decks of 60 double-sleeved cards, perfectly sized for spacefaring adventures. But that’s not all! With designated pockets for 2 base cards, you’re always battle-ready. The integrated drawers are like hidden compartments of a star cruiser, holding all your essential tokens and accessories.

Convertible System: A Shield Against the Dark Side

What’s technology without security? The flap of your Double Deck Pod comes armed with a CONVERTIBLE system, guarded by strong magnets as steadfast as a Jedi’s resolve. Each of the game’s 6 aspects is represented in vibrant colors and symbols, hot-stamped into the flap like a badge of honor.

Dive into a world where strategy, luck, and the force meld seamlessly. The Star Wars Unlimited Double Deck Pod White/Black isn’t just a game accessory; it’s your companion in the eternal battle between light and dark. Are you ready to answer the call?





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