Star Wars: Destiny – Luke Skywalker Starter Set


Discover the legacy of two of the galaxies greatest heroes with the Luke Skywalker Starter Set for Star Wars™: Destiny! The set lets you take control of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in their battle against the Empire. With twenty-four cards and nine dice, the Luke Skywalker Starter Set contains everything you need to start your journey into Star Wars: Destiny.

With powerful abilities, this unlikely pair of heroes is ready to take on whatever challenge comes their way.

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With the power of the Force, Luke can use his Power Action to resolve one of his character or upgrade dice, increasing its value by two for the cost of two resources. Ultimately, this puts Luke’s destiny in his own hands, as the capable farmboy gains bursts of power to significantly damage his foes or gain lots of shields. Coupled with Han Solo’s ability to reroll a die after he activates, the heroes can always make sure the odds come up in their favor.

The Luke Skywalker Set focuses on the force training of  young Skywalker, and intermixes Blue and Yellow cards.

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