Spirit Island Premium Token Pack 2


Unearth the essence of ancient power with Spirit Island Premium Token Pack 2.

This set is a gateway to a richer, more immersive game experience, inviting you to command the forces of nature.

Seven Incarna Tokens beckon, each a silent sentinel of the island’s spirit. Delve into the heart of the land with 24 Deeps Tokens, and let 18 Vitality Tokens pulse through your strategies as signs of an indomitable will.

The earth’s fury comes alive with 20 Quake Tokens, challenging you to harness their raw energy.

With 72 Element Tokens at your disposal, every move weaves a potent spell of fire, water, earth, and air.

Intimidate invaders with 6 Fear Markers and fortify your defenses with 27 Single Turn Effect Markers for Defend and Isolate.

Each token is a narrative, a legacy in your hands. Transform your Spirit Island game into a legend.

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Spirit Island Premium Token Pack 2

Unleash the Power of Nature with Spirit Island Premium Token Pack 2

Have you ever felt the pulse of an ancient land beneath your fingertips? With the Spirit Island Premium Token Pack 2, it’s not just a feeling—it’s a reality. This isn’t just a game accessory; it’s a treasure trove that transforms your tabletop into a vibrant, living world.

Embark on a Journey with Spirit Island’s Newest Allies

Imagine summoning the very essence of the island’s might with 7 enigmatic Incarna Tokens, each one a silent guardian of Nature Incarnate. Or picture the depths of the island’s heart, where 24 Deeps Tokens lie in wait, a testament to the mysteries that lurk beneath. Can you harness their ancient power?

Revitalize Your Game with Tokens of Life

Feel the heartbeat of the island with 18 Vitality Tokens. Each piece is a whisper of growth, a sign of the island’s unyielding will to thrive. And when the earth trembles with 20 Quake Tokens, will you channel their destructive dance to repel invaders?

Elemental Forces at Your Command

With a staggering 72 Element Tokens from Jagged Earth, command the forces that shape the world. Fire, water, earth, air—each token is a building block of power, ready for you to weave into a tapestry of strategic genius. Are you prepared to shape the destiny of the island?

A Fearful Arsenal and Defenders at the Ready

The mere presence of the 6 Fear Markers is enough to send shivers down the spine of the boldest adversaries. Coupled with 27 Single Turn Effect Markers for both Defend and Isolate, your tactical options are as vast as the ocean. Will your foes flee before the might you wield?

Storytelling Through Every Token

Each token in this set is not just a piece of wood; it’s a chapter in a saga. The extra Strife, Badlands, 1-Energy, and Fear tokens are the embers of stories waiting to ignite. Will you be the one to fan the flames of legend?

In the world of Spirit Island, you are not just players; you are storytellers, strategists, and guardians of a sacred land. The Spirit Island Premium Token Pack 2 is your canvas, and the game—your epic. With each token placed, a new tale unfolds, a new adventure begins. Are you ready to leave your mark on the island’s lore?

This full-color boxed set, roughly the size of the Branch & Claw expansion, is not merely an addition to your game—it’s an expansion of your imagination. Will you rise to the challenge and become the spirit of the island itself?

Enhance your ‘Spirit Island‘ saga with the essential Premium Foil Spirit Panels and the Branch & Claw Foil Panels, perfect companions to the ‘Spirit Island Premium Token Pack 2‘ for a truly legendary gaming experience.







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