Pirates of Maracaibo


Ahoy, adventurers! Dive into Pirates of Maracaibo, where every game is a legendary voyage across the azure Caribbean waters.

Hunt for shimmering treasures, from gold to rare iridescent pearls, and stash them in secret coves.

Commandeer rival ships, ally with fellow buccaneers, and explore hidden shores. While elements might remind seasoned sailors of 2019’s Maracaibo, this standalone game offers fresh adventures for all.

With a more accessible rule set, it’s perfect for both old hands and new recruits. After the thrilling hunts and battles, will you retire on a secluded island as the richest, most revered pirate in history?

In Pirates of Maracaibo, every decision crafts your legend. Cast off and let your tales of the high seas begin!

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Pirates of Maracaibo

Embark on a Legendary Voyage with Pirates of Maracaibo

Ahoy, adventurers! Have you ever dreamt of navigating the azure waters of the Caribbean, with the wind in your hair and a thirst for treasure? Dive into the world of Pirates of Maracaibo, where every game is a new journey, every decision a step closer to legendary status. But the question remains: Do you have what it takes to be the greatest buccaneer of all time?

Set Sail on a Quest for Unparalleled Riches

Imagine a life where you’re constantly on the hunt for gold, emeralds, and pearls so rare, they shimmer with an iridescence that could make the stars jealous. But where to stash such priceless loot? Perhaps in a hidden cove or a secret island? As you stockpile your cargo and hire a loyal crew, remember: it’s not just about the treasure, but the tales you’ll tell.

Commandeer, Conquer, and Cast Off!

Why merely sail when you can commandeer rival ships, ally with fellow buccaneers, and explore every nook and cranny of the Caribbean shore? As you embark on this thrilling adventure, remember: one trip is never enough. Three voyages await you in this game of strategy and cunning. But, can you outpace your opponents and retire as the richest pirate in history?

A Familiar Voyage with a Fresh Twist

For those who’ve sailed the seas with 2019’s Maracaibo, some elements of Pirates of Maracaibo will feel like a warm embrace from an old friend. Yet, this standalone game offers a fresh gust of wind for both seasoned sailors and new recruits. With a more accessible rule set, it’s a breeze for newcomers to jump aboard and set sail.

Retire as the Most Revered Pirate in History

After all the adventures, the battles, and the treasure hunts, every pirate seeks a place to hang their hat. Will you find that secluded island to retire, basking in the glory of your exploits? Or will you be outpaced by rival pirates, forever chasing the horizon?

In the world of Pirates of Maracaibo, every game is a story, every decision a legend in the making. So, cast off, swashbucklers, and let the tales of the high seas begin!





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+12 jaar


30-120 minuten



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