Marvel Champions: Jubilee


Harness the power of Jubilee, the mutant hero with a knack for explosive energy, in your next Marvel Champions game.

Orphaned yet resilient, she found her place with the X-Men, using her dazzling abilities to combat darkness.

The Marvel Champions: Jubilee Hero Pack not only introduces her and her fifteen signature cards but also includes Justice cards and a challenging encounter with the villain Arcade.

It’s a 40-card pre-built deck that’s ready to play, bringing new strategies and a burst of color to your battles.

With Jubilee, light up the villain’s schemes and add a flash of excitement to your game nights.

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Marvel Champions: Jubilee

Light Up Your Game Night with Marvel Champions: Jubilee Hero Pack

Have you ever imagined harnessing the dazzling power of fireworks to thwart villainous schemes? Look no further, because the Marvel Champions: Jubilee Hero Pack in English is here to illuminate your battles with a spectacular blaze of glory. Orphaned as a teenager and surviving by her wits in a shopping mall, Jubilation Lee emerged as a beacon of hope. Her mutant power to generate explosive energy not only caught the eye of the X-Men but now promises to add a vibrant spark to your gaming experience.

The Explosive Entry of Jubilee

Imagine the thrill of unveiling Jubilee, decked out in her signature vibrant costume, ready to light up the room. This pack isn’t just a collection of cards; it’s the gateway to becoming a hero that dazzles with every move. With her emphasis on using resources of different types, Jubilee isn’t just a character; she’s a dynamic strategy waiting to unfold. Will you harness her radiant energy to outshine your adversaries?

What’s in the Box?

Within this treasure trove, you’ll discover not only Jubilee and her fifteen signature cards but also a full array of Justice cards designed to spotlight villainous deeds. Each card is a piece of the puzzle, inviting you to strategize and adapt in real-time. And let’s not forget about the bonus modular encounter set featuring Arcade, the assassin with a penchant for deadly games. Can you navigate his treacherous traps and emerge victorious?

Why Marvel Champions Jubilee Hero Pack is a Must-Have

This isn’t just any expansion. It’s a 40-card pre-built deck that allows you to dive into action immediately. Whether you’re a veteran of the Marvel Champions universe or new to the fray, Jubilee’s unique playstyle offers a fresh challenge and a new perspective on heroism. Are you ready to stand with the X-Men and bring light to the darkness?

In the realm of Marvel Champions, Jubilee is more than a hero; she’s a symbol of resilience, creativity, and the sheer joy of unleashing your inner strength. With the Marvel Champions: Jubilee Hero Pack, your battles will never be the same. Are you prepared to ignite the spark and watch your foes flee before your radiant might?





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