Marvel Champions: Iceman


Join the ranks with Marvel Champions: Iceman, where you wield the frosty might of Bobby Drake to protect and freeze.

In this thrilling expansion, you’ll unleash Iceman’s icy powers and signature moves with a ready-to-play Aggression deck.

Challenge villains and master strategic gameplay as you slow enemies with Frostbite upgrades and face the enigmatic Sauron in a bonus encounter.

Transform the battlefield with cold precision and become the hero you’re meant to be in this icy saga of heroism and strategy.

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Marvel Champions: Iceman

Dive into a world where the cold is your greatest weapon and laughter your shield. Marvel Champions: Iceman beckons you into an adventure that’s as chilling as it is thrilling. Are you ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the coolest hero of the X-Men?

Meet the Frost-Powered Hero

“Here comes the coolest hero on the team!” Ever wondered what it feels like to wield the power of ice, to command the chill that whispers the doom of villains? As Bobby Drake, the hotheaded Iceman, you’ll discover your mutant power to generate cold and manipulate ice. Escaping persecution, joining Xavier’s school, and now, fighting to protect others—your journey is not just about freezing your foes but thawing the hearts of those you save.

Freeze the Battlefield

This isn’t just any expansion pack. It’s your ticket to becoming a legend. With Marvel Champions: Iceman, you’ll flash-freeze your way into battle, equipped with fifteen signature cards and a pre-built Aggression deck. Ready to play from the get-go, you’ll put the villain’s forces on ice before they even know what hit them. And with Iceman’s special stash of Frostbite upgrades, slowing down enemies’ movements becomes second nature.

An Encounter Like No Other

But what’s a hero without a challenge? Enter the bizarre Sauron, a bonus modular encounter set to test your mettle. Can you keep cool when faced with such an unnerving foe? This hero pack isn’t just about showing off your icy skills—it’s about proving your mettle in the most heated situations.

The Strategy of Cool

Marvel Champions: Iceman isn’t just a game; it’s a strategy forged in ice. With every card play, you’re not just making moves; you’re weaving a story of triumph, teamwork, and the sheer force of will. Can you harness the chill, strategize with precision, and lead your team to victory?

Embrace the frost, champion. Your journey with Iceman is more than a game; it’s a saga of ice and fire, waiting to unfold. Will you rise as the hero who freezes the world in awe? Join the ranks of the X-Men, and let the adventure begin.





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