Life of the Amazonia


Ever dreamed of being a jungle guardian? Life of the Amazonia lets you build your own thriving ecosystem right on your tabletop.

This Kickstarter sensation combines strategic meeple placing with bag building and pattern building.

Restore lands, place animals, and plant trees to create the most ecologically rich jungle.

With 60,000+ ways to set up animal cards and diverse strategic options, no two games are the same.

Pre-order today and build the jungle of your dreams.

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Life of the Amazonia

Introduction: Step into the Lush World of Life of the Amazonia

Ever dreamed of being the guardian of your own jungle? What if you could bring a jungle to life, right on your tabletop? Welcome to Life of the Amazonia, a board game that lets you do just that. This isn’t just another board game; it’s an ecological adventure waiting to unfold.

What Makes Life of the Amazonia Unique?

You’ve seen board games on Kickstarter, but have you ever seen one that lets you build your own thriving ecosystem? Unlike other games, Life of the Amazonia isn’t just about winning; it’s about creating. It’s about taking a barren land and turning it into a lush, vibrant jungle. This game is a Kickstarter sensation for a reason—it’s a game with a mission.

Gameplay Mechanics: More Than Just Meeple Placing

So, you think you’ve mastered the art of strategic meeple placing? How about combining that with bag building and pattern building? That’s right; Life of the Amazonia takes gameplay mechanics to a whole new level. Restore lands, place animals, and plant trees to enrich your jungle. But remember, each plant and animal has its unique characteristics. Can you create the synergies needed to make your jungle thrive?

Community Reception: A BoardGameGeek Favorite

Why has Life of the Amazonia captured the hearts of the BoardGameGeek community? Maybe it’s the 60,000+ various ways to set up the animal cards. Or perhaps it’s the diverse strategic options that ensure no two games are the same. Whatever it is, this game has people talking, rating, and playing again and again.

Expansions and Add-ons: The Jungle Keeps Growing

Just when you thought your jungle was complete, along comes a mini-expansion to make it even richer. Ready to introduce new animals and plants to your ecosystem? With expansions and add-ons, your jungle will never stop growing.

Where to Buy: Pre-Order Your Adventure Today

Ready to dive into this lush, vibrant world? You can pre-order Life of the Amazonia today. Don’t miss out on the chance to build the jungle of your dreams.

Conclusion: Your Jungle Awaits

So, are you ready to take on the role of a jungle guardian? To create an ecosystem so rich, it rivals the real Amazonia? Life of the Amazonia offers you this unique opportunity. Don’t just play a game; build a world.

If you’re captivated by the ecological adventure in Life of the Amazonia, you’ll also love exploring our planet in Earth, diving into the fungal networks of Mycelia, and experiencing the natural beauty of Cascadia.



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