Heroquest Path of the Wandering Monk


“Know not the path, but the reason you walk it.” The Monk hero in Heroquest Path of the Wandering Monk is a master of unarmed combat, guided by the elements of Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire.

This collector’s edition includes two detailed miniatures, seven game cards, and a scroll, adding depth to your HeroQuest adventures.

Lacking traditional armor and shields, the Monk wields daggers, crossbows, handaxes, shortswords, and staffs. Each double-sided ability card reveals unique combat techniques, enriching your gameplay experience.

This expansion integrates seamlessly with the HeroQuest Game System (sold separately) and makes a perfect gift for fans of cooperative and fantasy board games.

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Heroquest Path of the Wandering Monk

“Know not the path, but the reason you walk it.” Step into the shoes of the wise Monk hero and expand your Heroquest Path of the Wandering Monk adventure. Imagine a journey where your only weapons are your skills and wits, a tale woven with the four elements of Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire. This isn’t just any expansion; it’s a call to master unarmed combat techniques and explore new realms in your HeroQuest game.

The Monk Joins the Adventure

In this special collector’s edition, the Monk hero stands out with two finely detailed miniatures, ready to join your quest. Are you prepared to play as a hero who can’t use traditional armor or shields? Instead, you will wield daggers, crossbows, handaxes, shortswords, and staffs. This unique twist makes the Monk a superb martial artist, setting him apart from any other HeroQuest character.

Expand Your Gameplay Experience

Why settle for ordinary when you can explore deeper into the HeroQuest universe? The Monk’s abilities are not just a gameplay feature—they are a narrative journey. Each side of the four double-sided ability cards reveals an Elemental Style combat technique, offering unique advantages. Imagine the strategic depth this adds, making each game session with the Monk a new story of mastery and combat finesse.

Choose Your Hero

Every choice matters. Will you play as the male or female Monk, each with their own detailed miniature? This hero has traveled the world, mastering combat techniques inspired by the elements. This isn’t just a character—it’s a story of growth and self-discovery, reflected in the skills and powers unique to the Monk.

Unique Combat Skills

Picture this: You’re in the heat of battle, and you call upon the power of the elements. The Monk’s combat techniques, based on Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire, provide tactical advantages that turn the tide in your favor. Each ability card is a lesson in martial arts, bringing an unmatched dynamic to your HeroQuest experience.

HeroQuest Board Game System

The Path of the Wandering Monk figures and components require the HeroQuest Game System to play. This expansion is designed to seamlessly integrate, enriching your base game with new layers of strategy and storytelling.

Gift for Roleplaying Game Fans and Collectors

Looking for the perfect gift for a fan of cooperative games, fantasy board games, or strategy games? The Heroquest Path of the Wandering Monk is an exciting addition to any HeroQuest collection. It’s more than just a game piece—it’s a narrative treasure that promises endless adventures.

This expansion isn’t just about adding a new hero; it’s about enhancing your entire HeroQuest experience. So, are you ready to walk the path of the Wandering Monk and master the elements? Your adventure awaits.



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