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In the board game Gutenberg, you become a pioneer of the 15th-century printing revolution, competing for fame and wealth.

Through strategic bidding for actions, you’ll develop your workshop, acquiring new fonts, inks, and decorations.

The unique rotating gears system combines bonuses, intensifying the race for points. Over six rounds, players face a thrilling challenge of resource management and strategic planning, vying to build the most prestigious printing empire.

Will you secure the greatest recognition and wealth to win the game? Gutenberg is not just a game; it’s an immersive historical adventure, where every decision shapes your legacy in the Renaissance era.

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Step into the Renaissance Era with Gutenberg

Ever dreamt of time-traveling to the Renaissance, to experience the dawn of the printing revolution? With Gutenberg, that dream is now a thrilling reality. Designed for 1-4 players, this board game transforms you into a 15th-century printing pioneer, where every decision carves your path to fame and fortune.

But what makes Gutenberg more than just a game? It’s a journey into history, a strategic battle of wits, and a celebration of the spirit of innovation that changed the world.

Build Your Printing Empire

Imagine starting with a humble workshop. Your goal? To become the most renowned printer of the era. How, you ask? By meticulously completing orders, gathering wealth, and earning widespread recognition. Picture yourself advancing your workshop, acquiring exquisite fonts, vibrant inks, and ornate decorations.

The Art of Strategic Planning

In Gutenberg, strategy is king. Each turn is a critical decision – which actions will you bid for? How will you develop your workshop? The game’s unique rotating gears system isn’t just a nod to the historical printing press; it’s a clever twist that combines bonuses and skyrockets your points. Can you outsmart your rivals and secure the most coveted actions?

The Path to Victory

The game unfolds over six intense rounds, with players vying for the highest score. But here’s the catch – it’s not just about the points. It’s about how you earn them. Will you focus on gaining the support of influential patrons, or will you expand your production capabilities? Each choice weaves a different story of your rise to fame.

Immerse Yourself in the 15th Century

As you play, you’re not just moving pieces on a board. You’re stepping into the shoes of a visionary, making decisions that could alter the course of history. The rich, thematic elements of Gutenberg transport you to a time where every printed word was a step towards enlightenment. Will you leave your mark as the greatest printer of the Renaissance?

So, are you ready to embark on this historical adventure, where strategic gameplay, resource management, and historical context come alive? Unleash your inner strategist and claim your place in history with Gutenberg, where fame and fortune await the boldest of printers.





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