Great Western Trail Argentina


🐎 Saddle up and become the top dog in the Pampas with Great Western Trail Argentina! 🐄”

Howdy, partners! 🤠 Looking for a new board game to rustle up some fun?

Great Western Trail Argentina is the perfect choice for anyone looking to become a cattle baron and rule the wide-open plains of Argentina.

With new features like farmers 🌾, grain as a resource 🌾, and even exhaustion cards 😴, you’ll need to use all your wits and cunning to outsmart your opponents and be the first to deliver your herd to the train station in Buenos Aires 🚂.

But don’t worry, it’s not all hard work and no play!

With shortcuts ⛰️, bonuses 🎁, and strategic choices galore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to laugh 😂, joke 🤣, and even trash talk 😜 your friends as you race to become the top dog in the Pampas.

So round up your amigos 🤝, grab some snacks and drinks 🍻, and let the fun begin with Great Western Trail Argentina!

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Great Western Trail Argentina

In Great Western Trail Argentina, you own a vast estancia in Argentina at the end of the 19th century, and you will need to travel the plains of the Pampas with your cattle to deliver them to the main train station in Buenos Aires.

Great Western Trail Argentina features gameplay elements similar to Great Western Trail such as deck management, the rondel mechanism, and the ability to upgrade your player board, along with twists on these elements and new features.

The player board features a new type of worker — farmers — and different paths await on the game board to confront you with more choices. Will you take the road with buildings or a path past farmers?

Maybe you’ll have the chance to use your cows — well, the strength on your cow cards — to help farmers, getting them on your side and adding grain, a new type of resource, to your income, with grain being used for boat and city tiles.

Perhaps you can unlock shortcuts that allow you to deliver your herd to Buenos Aires more quickly. Sure, you’ll forfeit the use of action buildings, but maybe you can catch others unaware, with the ships leaving before they deliver.

The timing of reaching the central train station to deliver your herd has never been so crucial, and valuable bonuses await on the city’s port tiles.

Money is easier to get in Great Western Trail Argentina, but you have more to manage in terms of action options, shortcuts, and cards (including the new exhaustion cards), so the challenges won’t let up.

Great Western Trail Argentina also includes a solitaire challenge in which Pedro is waiting for you to try to beat his score.


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