Expeditions Playmat


Dive into the world of Expeditions with this playmat, where every move is an unfolding saga on a canvas of the finest natural rubber.

This double-sided playmat, with one face showcasing hexes, cards, and a basecamp, and the other revealing mesmerizing art, promises durability with its reinforced stitching.

Measuring 900x900mm, it’s spacious enough for a 5-player game, ensuring every strategy becomes an epic tale.

Elevate your gaming experience with Expeditions Playmat!

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Expeditions Playmat

Unveil the Ultimate Gaming Experience with Expeditions Playmat

Have you ever felt the thrill of embarking on a grand expedition, with every step echoing tales of adventure? With Expeditions Playmat, you’re not just playing; you’re journeying through a world crafted with precision and passion.

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Have Extraordinary?

Imagine a canvas, not just any canvas, but one made of the finest natural rubber. Yes, the same material that whispers tales of the deep forests of Hevea. Now, what if this canvas was your battleground, your realm of strategy and wit? That’s what Expeditions Playmat offers. A playmat that isn’t just a surface but an experience.

Double the Fun, Double the Adventure

Why limit yourself to one side when you can have two? Double-sided, with one face showcasing outlines for hexes, cards, and a basecamp, and the other? A mesmerizing artwork that transports you to another realm. Ever played on a mat that tells a story on its own? With Expeditions Playmat, every move you make is a chapter in an unfolding saga.

Durability Meets Design

Ever had those moments when the intensity of the game gets a little too… intense? Fret not. With double-stitched edges, this playmat promises reinforced stitching that stands the test of time. Because what’s an adventure without a few challenges along the way?

Space for All, Big or Small

Whether you’re a party of two or a brigade of five, Expeditions Playmat accommodates all. Measuring a generous 900x900mm, there’s room for everyone and everything. And with outlines for hexes, cards, and a basecamp, organization is a breeze. Lost a card? Never again. Everything has its place on this dual-faced marvel.

More Than Just a Game

Expeditions Playmat isn’t just about winning or losing. It’s about the journey, the stories you create, and the memories you forge. With its natural rubber surface, reminiscent of the elastic wonders of the latex forests, and its durable stitching, it promises countless hours of fun and adventure.

So, are you ready to elevate your gaming experience? To dive into a world where every move is a story, every strategy an epic tale? Dive into the world of Expeditions Playmat and let the adventures begin!

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