Dog Park


Who let the dogs out? Get ready to unleash your competitive spirit with Dog Park – the ultimate board game for dog lovers!”

Looking for a fun, competitive game that’s all about dogs? Look no further than Dog Park!

This mid-weight, set-collection and point-to-point movement game is perfect for dog lovers who enjoy a little friendly competition.

In Dog Park, you’ll take on the role of a dog walker, recruiting, walking, and caring for your furry friends over four rounds.

Each round is split into four phases, where you’ll have to use your reputation wisely to add dogs to your kennel, choose the best dogs to walk, journey through the park to collect resources, and earn reputation for your walked dogs while avoiding reputation loss for any unwalked dogs in your kennel.

But don’t worry, it’s not all serious business – Dog Park is filled with plenty of laughs and good-natured ribbing as you compete against your friends to see who can earn the most reputation and prove that they’re the ultimate dog walker.

So, gather your pack of friends and get ready to strut your stuff in the ultimate dog walking competition!

Get your paws on Dog Park today and let the fun begin! 🐶🎲

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Dog Park

Welcome to Dog Park, a mid-weight, competitive set-collection and point-to-point movement game in which players take on the role of dog walkers who recruit, walk, and care for their dogs over four rounds. Each round is split into four phases:

  1. Recruitment Phase: Players compete in two rounds of offers to add dogs to their kennels. Offers are made with players’ reputation (victory points), so must be placed wisely.
  2. Selection Phase: Players decide which dogs to place on their lead to walk this round.
  3. Walking Phase: Players journey through the dog park with their fellow walkers, collecting resources, earning reputation, and interacting with other walkers.
  4. Home Time Phase: Players earn reputation for their walked dogs, and lose reputation for any unwalked dogs in their kennel.

Players must choose their routes and dogs carefully to earn the best reputation and prove they are the most accomplished walker of them all. At the end of the game, the player with the most reputation wins.





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+10 jaar


40-80 minuten



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