Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Starter Deck (Amethyst/Steel)


Step into the magical world of Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn by Ravensburger, where your favorite Disney characters transform into floodborn glimmers.

Each starter deck for ages 8 and up includes 60 cards, 11 game tokens, a rulebook, and a booster pack.

With the new “Resist” keyword, characters can withstand more damage, adding a strategic layer to the game.

Over 200 cards feature new artwork and stories from Disney classics like Snow White to Zootopia.

It’s not just a trading card game; it’s a Disney saga waiting to unfold.

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Disney Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Starter Deck (Amethyst/Steel)

Unveil the Magic: Why Choose Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn by Ravensburger?

Ever wondered what it’s like to wield the magical inks of Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Steel? Imagine stepping into a world where your favorite Disney characters come to life, not just as storyborn or dreamborn glimmers, but as floodborn glimmers, surging with newfound powers. That’s exactly what you get with Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn, brought to you by the trusted brand Ravensburger.

Unlock the Secrets: What’s Inside Each Starter Deck?

Ready to dive into the game but not sure where to start? Each starter deck is your treasure chest, waiting to be unlocked. Inside, you’ll find 60 meticulously designed cards, including 2 foil cards featuring the characters on the package front. But that’s not all! You’ll also get 11 game tokens, a rulebook, and a booster pack containing 12 randomized cards. It’s a complete package designed for ages 8 and up, making it the perfect gateway to the world of trading card games (TCGs).

Resist: The Game-Changing Keyword

What if I told you that your characters could withstand more damage than you thought? Enter “Resist,” the game’s new keyword. For instance, if a character has Resist + 2, any damage dealt to them is reduced by 2. It’s like having a magical shield, only better!

The Lore and More: Stories That Come to Life

Remember the tales of Snow White, Pinocchio, and Zootopia? How about the adventures of The Great Mouse Detective, The Jungle Book, and Raya and the Last Dragon? They’re all here, in over 200 cards with brand-new artwork. It’s like having a mini-Disney universe right in your hands!

Why Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn is Your Next Best Purchase

So, are you new to TCGs or just looking for a deck that’s been tried and tested? With Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn, you’re not just buying a starter deck; you’re buying an experience. An experience that takes you on a magical journey through the Great Illuminary, where treasured lore like King Triton’s powerful trident has been swept away in a mysterious flood. It’s not just a game; it’s a saga waiting to unfold.



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