Descent: The Trollfens


The vicious Bol’Goreth rampages through the wildlands at the edge of the Valdari Marsh, and those left in his wake babble terrifying tales of destruction.

However, dark rumors hint at something more sinister behind the simple-minded brutality: something horrific that threatens to spill out across the realm.

The Trollfens is an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition that introduces new heroes, monsters, classes, quests, and more.

Heroes can discover and investigate secret rooms and rumors while the overlord spreads infection and brings a powerful new lieutenant into play: the massive troll Bol’Goreth!

This is not a standalone product. It requires a copy of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition to play.

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Descent: The Trollfens

The Trollfens also includes one new green power die (originally debuted in Labyrinth of Ruin ), expanding the possible results of your attacks. This helpful die is most often added to rolls as a result of a special ability or bonus enhancement; not only does it lack a blank result, but it offers a two thirds chance to add a surge to your roll! With the subtle but noticeable advantage that the green power die brings, you’ll want to seek out the new relics, weapons, and powers that adds it your hero’s dice pool.

Fortunately, The Trollfens features a new way of claiming these valuable treasures: Secret Rooms. Originally debuted in Lair of the Wyrm , Secret Rooms can be found in any quest, and begin with the simple addition of the “Secret Passage” Search card to the Search deck (it replaces the “Nothing” card).

If a hero draws the Secret Passage Search card during an encounter, he places a secret room entrance token in his space; this door into the secret room will stay there until the room is resolved. Of course, entry is totally optional. While on a quest in which time is of the essence, wise heroes should perhaps eschew the material rewards of the secret room in favor of completing their main objective hastily. On the other hand, who can resist the promise of wealth hiding beneath their feet?

Once the secret room entrance token has been placed, the hero who placed it has the option of immediately entering. But what’s inside? This is determined by the Secret Room deck, and The Trollfens features a selection of these engaging underground encounters. The first hero to enter draws one card from the Secret Room deck, then follows a few simple instructions to create the secret room and face the dangers within!

With new heroes, monsters, classes, quests, and much more, The Trollfens is sure to enhance any Descent fan’s gaming experience. A rampaging troll is threatening the safety of the realm. Are you prepared to face his fury?





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