Descent: Mists of Bilehall


Venture into the Mistlands of Terrinoth in Mists of Bilehall, a new expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

A full, one-act campaign is included in this expansion, chronicling the heroes’ adventures and the dark deeds perpetrated in this misty realm.

What’s more, no new heroes or hero classes are included in this Descent expansion: instead, Mists of Bilehall has been configured to enhance the power of the overlord.

To that end, your army swells with twelve sculpted plastic figures – six reanimates, three broodwalkers, and three bone horrors.

The very ground may give way beneath the heroes with the introduction of old walls and crumbling terrain, while the evil of Bilehall influences the heroes through the introduction of tainted cards.

Even the doughtiest heroes will be hard-pressed to survive in this land of mist and half-truths. Enter Waiqar’s domain in Mists of Bilehall!

This is not a standalone product. It requires a copy of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition to play.

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Descent: Mists of Bilehall

Danger lies in every wisp of fog or scrap of cloud in the Mistlands. The undead are common, vampire lords jockey for position and power in their shadowy courts, and even stranger creatures have been seen passing through the mists. No hero of Terrinoth would travel here without good reason, but news of an undead army massing on the border has led you to investigate.

Once you pass into the Mistlands, however, all logic and reason begins to fade. The ground shakes and falls apart beneath your feet, dumping you into reeking mud and filth. Strange spirits and monsters seen nowhere else in Terrinoth are found here in abundance. Perhaps you cannot even trust your own senses when every breath only brings more toxic mist into your body, slowly corrupting your will and eroding your purpose. 

Our first Mists of Bilehall preview turned to the new tools gained by the overlord player in this expansion. Three new monster groups await your orders, and each offers a unique fighting style and new tactics that you can use. Reanimates prefer to fight in solid blocks, using their years of military experience to oppose the heroes. Bone horrors use their uncanny speed and reach to strike from afar, while broodwalkers—monstrous corpses animated by the colonies of beetles inhabiting their flesh—horrify the heroes with just their dreadful appearance. 

Mists of Bilehall contains six reanimates, three bone horrors, and three broodwalkers.

Monsters aren’t the only new weapon the overlord player gains for his arsenal. The very air of the Mistlands carries a corrupting influence, and during the Mists of Bilehall campaign, a hero receives a Tainted card at the start of every quest. These Tainted cards initially seem to reward the heroes with additional health, but as soon as the hero is knocked out, the Tainted card is flipped over, revealing its true, insidious effect that may burden the hero for the rest of the quest, even after he is revived. 





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