Century Golem Edition – An Endless World


Century: Golem Edition – An Endless World brings crystal traders face to face with primordial golems predating human existence. These golems are incredibly powerful and ever eager to assist. As the world continues to unfold itself to players, you will discover how endless the fun will be!
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Century Golem Edition – An Endless World

In Century: Golem An Endless World, the final installment of the Century: Golem series, players as a crystal trader explore the far reaches of Carvania and discover golems that predate human existence. These golems are incredibly powerful!

Each turn you can play a card from your hand to get crystals or exchange them for better crystals. With these crystals you can then buy new cards that give you other possibilities to obtain crystals and / or combine them better with the cards you already have. You can also use the crystals to activate golems and gain golem skills! This earns points.

The player with the most points wins this smooth game.

You can play this game separately or combine it with Century Golem Edition or Century (Golem Edition): Eastern Mountains.





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30-45 minuten




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