Caylus 1303


Welcome to Caylus, Master Builders! Build many buildings on this road!

Have your workers work on it, under the sharp eye of the provost marshal. Create the necessary resources and help build the largest of the castles to obtain the King’s favours and a maximum of Prestige.

Caylus 1303 is the new version of Caylus, released in 2005 and awarded several times. Updated by the original creative team, Caylus 1303 is more nervous and increases interaction between players.

The parts of Caylus 1303 are fast, fluid, and combine simple rules with deep mechanisms.
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Caylus 1303

A classic game is back! As one of the first worker placement games, Caylus stands among the true board game classics of the 2000s. The original designers’ team, together with the Space Cowboys, have now created a revamped version!

The mechanisms of Caylus 1303 have been streamlined and modernized for an intense and shorter game. Don’t be fooled, though, as the game has kept both its depth and ease of play while a lot of new features have been added:

  • Variability of the starting position for a virtual infinity of possibilities. No more pre-set strategies!
  • Characters with special abilities, with a wavering loyalty, offer their services to the players.
  • And of course, brand new graphics!

The King calls you again, so it’s time to go back to Caylus!



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2 spelers, 2-5 spelers, 3 spelers, 4 spelers, 5 spelers


Space Cowboys


+10 jaar


60-90 minuten





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