Atlantis Rising Monstrosities


Enter the realm of gods and monsters with Atlantis Rising Monstrosities, the latest expansion for Atlantis Rising (Second Edition).

Face the wrath of Medusa, outmaneuver the cunning Harpies, and navigate the perilous waters of Scylla & Charybdis. In this epic battle for survival, new leaders emerge, wielding mighty powers and forming alliances with unexpected creatures.

This expansion (includes Here There Be Monsters Promos) introduces innovative gameplay elements, including Monsters, Allies, Magic Items, and Locations, adding depth and intrigue to your strategic experience.

Will you be the hero to save Atlantis from these monstrous threats? Atlantis Rising Monstrosities combines cooperative strategy and fantasy adventure, offering an immersive mythological journey for all players.
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Atlantis Rising Monstrosities + Atlantis Rising (Second Edition) - Deluxe Component Upgrade
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Atlantis Rising Monstrosities (Including Here There Be Monsters Promos)

Unleash the Might of Atlantis Rising Monstrosities

Dare to face the wrath of gods and the terror of the deep in Atlantis Rising Monstrosities, the thrilling expansion to the acclaimed Atlantis Rising (Second Edition). This isn’t just a game; it’s an epic saga where myth and strategy intertwine, drawing you into a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

The Threat Beneath the Waves

The gods are relentless, their fury unbound. From oceanic abysses, they summon creatures of nightmare to besiege the Atlantean shores. But what if the tide could turn in your favor? In Atlantis Rising Monstrosities, hope surfaces amidst chaos. New leaders and powers emerge, answering the call to save a civilization on the verge of being swallowed by the sea.

Challenge and Strategy

Are you ready to confront Medusa, whose gaze petrifies the bravest hearts? Can you break her curse and sway her to your side? The Harpies, vile birdlike creatures, plunder your hard-earned resources. Can you outwit these fiends and reclaim the treasures of their lair? And what of Scylla & Charybdis, legendary monsters whose wrath spells doom for sailors? Can you quell their hunger and calm the tempestuous waters?

Immerse in a World of Myth

Atlantis Rising Monstrosities isn’t just a game. It’s an odyssey. Each playthrough is a tale of survival, cunning, and heroism. You’re not merely moving pieces on a board; you’re leading a desperate fight for survival against capricious gods and their monstrous minions.

New Dimensions of Play

Delve deeper into the Atlantis saga with four groundbreaking mechanisms: Monsters, Allies, Magic Items, and Locations. Each element adds layers of depth and strategy to your game, ensuring that no two sessions are alike. Face the Monsters, forge alliances with unexpected Allies, harness the power of Magic Items, and explore new Locations that could turn the tide of battle.

Join the Epic

Will you rise as the savior of Atlantis, or will you succumb to the monstrous onslaught? Atlantis Rising Monstrosities offers a unique blend of cooperative strategy and thematic gameplay, perfect for fans of fantasy and mythological adventures. Answer the call of Atlantis, and embark on a journey where legends come to life!



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