Ever wondered what happens when humans vanish from Earth?

Enter the universe of Apiary, where evolved honeybees called Mellifera have taken over.

In this tabletop game, you control one of 20 unique factions, each with its own hive and worker bees.

Your mission? Explore planets, gather resources, and develop technologies to earn victory points.

But act fast—the Dearth is coming, and your bees have limited time before they must hibernate.

Designed for up to 5 players, Apiary is a cosmic journey that fits right in your living room.

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Step into a World Beyond Earth: The Universe of Apiary

Ever wondered what would happen if humans vanished from Earth? What if another species took the reins of civilization and soared to the stars? Welcome to the universe of Apiary, a tabletop game that answers these questions in the most buzz-worthy way possible.

Meet the Mellifera: The Sentient Honey-Bees of the Future

Imagine a world where honeybees aren’t just pollinators but pioneers in space exploration. In Apiary, you’ll meet the Mellifera, an evolved form of honeybees that have filled the void left by humanity. They’re not just buzzing around flowers; they’re building hives on distant planets. Think of them as the astronauts of the insect world, but with a knack for hive-building and resource gathering.

Choose Your Faction: A Worker-Placement Challenge

Ready for a role assignment like no other? In this strategy game, you control one of 20 unique factions, each with its own hive, resources, and worker bees. Your mission? To explore planets, gather resources, and develop technologies that will make your faction the envy of the Mellifera society. It’s not just about winning; it’s about thriving. Can you rise to the occasion?

Victory Points and Beyond: What’s Your Strategy?

Victory isn’t just measured in numbers; it’s carved in the intricate designs you create to showcase your faction’s strengths. Will you focus on technological advancements or go all-in on resource collection? The choice is yours, but remember—the Dearth is coming. Your worker bees can only do so much before they have to hibernate. So, what’s your game plan?

Components: Everything You Need for Galactic Domination

1 multiplayer rulebook
59 cards (45 seed cards and 14 Automa cards)
1 insert designed to hold sleeved cards
1 easy-setup resource tray
And more to come!

Ready to Play? Set Up in No Time!

Worried about space? Don’t be. Apiary is designed for up to 5 players and takes up just 99x80cm on your table. It’s a cosmic journey that fits right in your living room.

So, are you ready to take the helm of a hive and lead your faction to glory? With Apiary, you’re not just playing a game; you’re writing the next chapter in the Mellifera saga. Get your copy today and let the space bees guide you to victory!





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60-90 minuten



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