Age of Innovation


Dive into the captivating world of Age of Innovation, where you control a unique faction in the Terra Mystica universe.

Terraform lands, build sprawling cities, and harness resources like Tools, Scholars, and Money.

With endless combinations of Factions, Homelands, and Abilities, every game is a new adventure.

Crafted by the creators of the acclaimed Terra Mystica, this game promises strategy, storytelling, and hours of enthralling gameplay.

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Age of Innovation

Dive into a World of Strategy and Intrigue with Age of Innovation

Have you ever dreamt of ruling a faction, terraforming lands, and building grand cities? With the Age of Innovation board game, you can bring that dream to life. Dive into a universe where strategy meets storytelling, and every move you make writes a new chapter in the annals of Terra Mystica.

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Innovate?

In the world of Terra Mystica, diverse factions, each with their unique characteristics, vie for dominance. But what sets Age of Innovation apart from other tabletop games? It’s the sheer variety and depth it offers. Ever thought of merging buildings into sprawling cities? Or creating a blend of Factions, Homelands, and Abilities that ensures no two games are the same? This game lets you do just that. And with 12 factions, 17 palace abilities, and 18 innovations, the combinations are almost inexhaustible. Isn’t it time you experienced a board game that evolves with you?

Craft Your Legacy in the Terra Mystica Universe

Imagine a world where the terrain bends to your will. As you control one of the game’s factions, you’ll terraform the world, constructing buildings that not only expand your empire but also grant you benefits to surge ahead. But here’s the catch: proximity to other factions might restrict your growth. Yet, isn’t it true that challenges often come with rewards? This tension, this dance of strategy and opportunity, is what makes the Terra Mystica universe so captivating.

Resources, Innovations, and the Path to Victory

Tools, Scholars, Money, Power – the building blocks of an empire. And as you upgrade your buildings, these resources become yours. Ever dreamt of advancing in sciences? Build schools. Crave innovations? Collect books. And if you’re aiming for a game-changing ability, why not construct a palace? From workshops to universities, every building you erect adds a layer to your culture, making your faction truly unique.

A Masterpiece from Award-Winning Creators

Brought to you by the team behind the acclaimed Terra Mystica, Age of Innovation is more than just a game; it’s an experience. And with high-quality wooden parts, it promises not just hours but years of enthralling gameplay. So, are you ready to embark on an adventure that’s both informative and entertaining?





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45-120 minuten




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