A Gest of Robin Hood


Immerse yourself in the medieval world of A Gest of Robin Hood.

This board game, part of the Irregular Conflicts Series, adapts the COIN system to showcase peasant revolts, feudal tax collection, and outlaw activities in 12th century England.

Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned wargamers, it offers a simple yet deep gameplay experience. Play as Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham, each with unique strategies and goals.

The game features hidden movement mechanics, adding suspense and strategic depth. Random encounters with travelers and a streamlined sequence of play ensure every game is exciting and unpredictable.

High-quality components like a mounted game board, event and travelers decks, and wooden pieces enhance the immersive experience.

Bring the legendary tales of Robin Hood to your tabletop with this engaging and challenging game.

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A Gest of Robin Hood

Step into the World of Medieval England

Immerse yourself in the rich historical tapestry of late 12th century England with A Gest of Robin Hood. This game, the second installment in the Irregular Conflicts Series, masterfully adapts the COIN system to bring the legendary tales of Robin Hood to life. Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned wargamers, this game offers a blend of simplicity and depth, allowing you to experience peasant revolts, feudal tax collection, and outlaw escapades like never before.

Perfect Entry Point for New Wargamers

Are you new to wargaming? A Gest of Robin Hood is the ideal entry point into the world of strategic board games. Designed with a family-friendly theme, this two-player game introduces all the key concepts of the COIN system in a format that’s easy to understand and enjoy. Within an hour, you’ll be navigating the treacherous landscapes of Nottinghamshire, making it a fantastic choice for a quick yet engaging gaming session.

Engage in a Tense Asymmetric Duel

For the more experienced wargamers, A Gest of Robin Hood offers a tight and challenging asymmetric duel. Play as either Robin Hood, the iconic outlaw leading his Merry Men in a rebellion against the corrupt Sheriff, or as the Sheriff of Nottingham, determined to maintain order and collect taxes for Prince John. Each role presents unique strategies and objectives, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience with every playthrough.

Innovative Hidden Movement Mechanics

Experience the thrill of the chase with new hidden movement mechanics. As Robin Hood, sneak through the forests and villages, evading the Sheriff while organizing revolts and robbing from the rich. Beware, though—carriages transporting wealth may be traps, filled with concealed Henchmen ready to thwart your plans. This innovative mechanic adds a layer of strategy and suspense, making every move crucial.

Random Encounters and Tactical Decisions

Every game of A Gest of Robin Hood is filled with unpredictable twists. Draw from the Travelers Deck during a Rob action and decide whether to play it safe or risk demanding a larger donation. These random encounters add excitement and variability, keeping players on their toes. The streamlined sequence of play, further developed from Colonial Twilight, ensures that the game remains easy to follow while still offering challenging tactical decisions.

High-Quality Components and Immersive Design

The game includes a 17” x 22” mounted game board, event and travelers decks, wooden pieces, player mats, and more, all designed to enhance your gaming experience. Each component is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring both durability and visual appeal.


Step into the shoes of Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham and relive the legendary conflicts of medieval England. With its engaging mechanics, historical depth, and quality components, A Gest of Robin Hood is more than just a game—it’s an adventure. Whether you’re new to wargaming or a seasoned strategist, this game promises hours of immersive fun and challenging gameplay. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring this timeless story to your tabletop.

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