Tangram City


As a prestigious city planner, the queen entrusts you with building a harmonious city. In Tangram City, balance human and natural realms by strategically placing tangram-shaped tiles.

Arrange building (black) and park (green) tiles to form rectangles for fortification. Secret tile placements add an element of surprise, requiring careful planning.

The goal is to achieve harmony and earn bonus points for balanced layouts and rectangular shapes.

Suitable for 1-5 players and taking about 30 minutes, this game offers a blend of strategy and storytelling, making it ideal for family game nights and quick strategic challenges with friends.

Compete to build the best city and earn the queen’s favor!

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Tangram City

Build a Harmonious City with Tangram City

As a prestigious city planner, you’ve been entrusted by the queen to design and construct a city that balances the human and natural realms. In Tangram City, this challenge is more than just placing tiles; it’s about achieving harmony and fortification through strategic planning and clever tile placement.

The Queen’s Command

Long ago, in a beautiful eastern kingdom, the queen summoned her city planners to create magnificent new cities. Your mission? To build a city worthy of her majesty’s approval. Tradition emphasizes harmony between the human and natural realms, with rectangles seen as the ideal shape for fortification. This game captures the essence of that tradition, challenging you to balance building (black) and park (green) tiles while forming rectangles to maximize your score.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Tangram City, players place tangram-shaped tiles in a square field. The order of tiles is randomly determined, adding an element of surprise and strategy. Your goal is to balance building and park tiles while creating rectangles. The more balanced and rectangular your layout, the more bonus points you earn.

Strategic Depth and Replayability

Each game of Tangram City is a new adventure. With secret information about upcoming tiles, you must plan your city layout with precision. Will you focus on creating large rectangles for immediate points, or balance your tiles for long-term harmony and bonus points at the end of the game? The choice is yours, and each decision impacts your path to victory.

Engaging for All Ages

Suitable for 1-5 players and taking about 30 minutes to play, Tangram City is perfect for family game nights or a quick strategic challenge with friends. Its simple yet deep mechanics make it accessible to younger players while offering enough complexity to keep adults engaged.

Why Tangram City Stands Out

Compared to other tile-laying games, Tangram City offers a unique blend of strategy and storytelling. The game’s narrative draws you into the role of a city planner in an ancient kingdom, making each game session feel like a grand architectural endeavor. Its emphasis on balance and harmony, coupled with the strategic depth of tile placement, sets it apart from similar games like Patchwork or Second Chance.

Join the Community

Players around the world have praised Tangram City for its engaging gameplay and beautiful design. Whether you’re a seasoned board gamer or new to the hobby, this game offers something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the chance to build a city that balances the beauty of nature with the strength of human ingenuity.

Order Now

Ready to accept the queen’s challenge? Purchase Tangram City today and start planning your harmonious city. With each game, you’ll refine your strategy and aim to build the most magnificent city in the kingdom. Who will build the best city and be rewarded with all the riches of the realm? Find out with Tangram City!

By integrating key elements of strategic planning, harmonious design, and engaging storytelling, Tangram City offers a captivating board game experience that’s both informative and entertaining.

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