Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Storm Goblins Faction Deck


Harness the raw power of lightning with the Storm Goblins Faction Deck.

Command goblin units like the Storm Witch and Gust Rider to unleash electrifying attacks. Overcharge your troops, fry your enemies, and manage your deck strategically with event cards like Recharge.

This faction brings a dynamic twist to Summoner Wars, combining reckless goblin tactics with powerful electric abilities.

Are you ready to electrify your gameplay and overwhelm your foes with sheer goblin numbers and strategic depth?

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Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Storm Goblins Faction Deck

Unleash the Power of Lightning with the Storm Goblins Faction Deck

Ever wondered what it feels like to harness the raw, electrifying power of a storm? With the Storm Goblins Faction Deck, you’re not just playing a game – you’re commanding an unstoppable force of nature! Imagine the thrill of storming the battlefield, discharging bolts of electricity that overcharge your troops and fry your enemies to a crisp. This isn’t just a game; it’s a surge of adrenaline wrapped in a deck of cards.

Electrify Your Gameplay

Revel in the destructive nature of lightning like only a goblin can! The Storm Goblins Faction Deck brings an electrifying twist to your strategic gameplay. Rush your foes with reckless abandon, overwhelming them with sheer numbers and a bewildering disregard for self-preservation. This isn’t about playing safe; it’s about playing smart and fast.

Dynamic Goblin Units

Meet your new favorite goblin units:

Storm Witch: This unit doesn’t just attack; it harnesses and redirects electricity, delivering powerful ranged attacks that leave your enemies reeling.
Gust Rider: Grounded and resilient, the Gust Rider can withstand electrical damage, making it a cornerstone of your defensive strategy.
Kite Rider: Agile and strategic, the Kite Rider’s Flight ability allows you to outmaneuver your opponents, placing your units exactly where they need to be.

Strategic Depth and Exciting Abilities

The Storm Goblins Faction Deck isn’t just about brute force. It’s about using strategic depth to outthink your opponents. The event card Recharge lets Thrak regenerate his core unit, the Voltswapper, ensuring you always have the upper hand. By carefully managing your deck, you can maintain a constant stream of powerful units on the battlefield, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

Engage and Overwhelm

In the world of Summoner Wars, the Storm Goblins Faction Deck stands out with its unique blend of strategy and electrifying action. Imagine the battlefield as a stormy sea, with your goblins as the unstoppable storm. Your opponents won’t know what hit them until it’s too late.

Are you ready to shock and awe your foes? With the Storm Goblins Faction Deck, every game is a storm waiting to happen. Dive into the chaos, embrace the lightning, and let your goblins lead you to victory!

By seamlessly integrating the power of lightning with strategic gameplay, the Storm Goblins Faction Deck offers a thrilling and dynamic experience for any fan of fantasy card games. Don’t just play the game – electrify it!

Enhance your Summoner Wars experience with the electrifying Storm Goblins Faction Deck and dive into more strategic battles with the Master Set, the mystical Shimmersea Fae Faction Deck, and the fierce Sand Goblins Faction Deck!



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