Stonesaga Meals and Myths Expansion


Forge a legacy that lasts generations with Stonesaga. Will you rise to the challenge and make your mark on a remote, treacherous world?

Are you ready to experience the ultimate test of survival?

Step into a world like no other with Stonesaga, the cooperative, campaign-style board game that puts you in control of a tribe fighting to make their mark on a remote, treacherous world. As you guide multiple generations of characters, you’ll unravel the epoch-spanning story of a people living amidst harsh conditions, wondrous mysteries, and giant monsters.

Stonesaga rewards exploration and curiosity, letting you discover unique materials, monsters, and areas of the world that you won’t be directed towards. But it’s not just about exploration – it’s about crafting and building, too.

Using the discovery-based crafting mechanic, you can experiment with different materials to build anything from a simple fire pit to a forge and library. Together, you can create a civilization that lasts the generations.

And there’s more. With each game session, you’ll permanently change the world based on in-game events and players’ decisions. This creates a unique story that you’ll experience every time you play.

So are you ready to forge a legacy that lasts generations? Will you rise to the challenge and make your mark on a remote, treacherous world?

Reserve your copy of Stonesaga today and discover a world full of adventure, danger, and limitless possibilities.

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Stonesaga Meals and Myths Expansion

Take your journey in Stonesaga to the next level with the Meals and Myths Expansion. Explore new legends, cook up hearty meals, and face even greater challenges as you forge your tribe’s legacy!”

Ready for a new adventure in Stonesaga? The Meals and Myths Expansion is here to take your journey to the next level!

With new game boards, cards, tokens, and rules, you’ll be able to add even more depth and variety to your gameplay.

In this expansion, you’ll have the chance to explore new myths and legends as you guide your tribe through the treacherous glacial valley. But you’ll need to keep your strength up – that’s where the cooking system comes in.

Collect ingredients and cook hearty meals that give your tribe special abilities and bonuses to help them in their quests.

Of course, the valley is full of dangers as well. The expansion adds new monsters and other challenges, making each playthrough even more exciting and unpredictable.

But with five players now able to join in on the adventure, you’ll have even more hands on deck to help you face the challenges ahead.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tribe and head into the great unknown with the Meals and Myths Expansion for Stonesaga.

Forge your legacy in a world full of adventure and danger – and don’t forget to pack a snack or two along the way!





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