In Rise, you assume responsibility for the economic and social development of a city.

There are not many limits to your possibilities: On various tracks, you can influence how best to provide for your citizens’ well-being, whether through culture, science, or political relations — but all of this can be achieved only in accordance with respect for conservation of the environment and the satisfaction of the population.

The game revolves around ten tracks on which you move your markers to gain further effects and gather influence.

The unique and innovative card mechanism, which includes events and tough decisions, will change your decision making from round to round.

Once twelve rounds have been played, players count their points to see who was able to accumulate the most influence in the city.

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You are responsible for the economic and social development of a city.

In RISE, however, you must always keep the well-being of your citizens in mind. Because industrial progress often goes hand in hand with environmental pollution, and the income needed for further development, which is achieved by means of tax or rent increases, easily leads to the resentment of the population…

Variable bars, actions, events – all this leads to a multitude of possibilities that can trigger chain actions and turn a simple step into a sum of combinations.

All this makes RISE an exciting and ever-changing game experience that is hard to calculate even for absolute strategy fans!

Due to the multitude of different combinations of development bars, actions and events, new game situations are always created, which always present you with new challenges.





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