Public Market


Head out to sea and fish to fulfill contracts in order to gain points and emerge as the winner in this tile-laying, engine-building game.

Public Market is a tile drafting and tile-laying game set in the Pacific Northwest. Players will venture out on to the open waters of the Pacific, haul in fresh fish (represented as polyominoes), and carefully pack the fish into an ice chest (ideally around the crabs and ice cubes already present). Once the player feels comfortable with the amount of fish in their ice chest, they head to the market to fulfill contracts to outsell their competition and build their reputation up with the local canneries.

Public Market is a wonderful mix of bidding, tile placement, set collection, and engine building. Jump aboard your vessel and head out on the cool crisp waters to find your adventure.

This Public Market Edition includes:

  • 1x Public Market (Core Game)
  • 1x Shallow Waters Module
  • 1x 5th Player Expansion
  • 1x Neoprene Playmat
  • 1x All Unlocked Stretched Goals

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Public Market

In Public Market, players will take fishing actions to draft fish tiles to place into their ice chest with a goal of selling your haul to local restaurants and to public companies. When at the market, players will have a chance to score by fulfilling public contracts or delivering fish to small local restaurants to gain bonuses.

The game is played over a series of rounds based on the number of fish tiles in the Ocean Bag. Players will open the round by bidding for turn order. Once bidding is complete, players will take one of two actions. Players will either go Fishing or go to the Market.


Each round players will spend money to bid. There are 5 locations for bidding. There are no lockouts and you can bid to the same location as another player, however, if you go there after they do you must pay them a $1 fee if you wish to jump in front of them. Otherwise, you would pay the normal amount and you would go after they do in turn order.

The Scrap Fish tile must be placed by the end of your turn. Below is the market board and this is where you will place your player token to control the turn order and action selection.


Players will Fish a tile from the Ocean Grid in Turn Order. Players will fish under the Boat and place the tile they drafted plus the scrap they got from the Bidding action.

Ice Chest

Once the player has placed the Scrap tile and the Fish tile into their Ice Chest they will need to adjust the Catch Tracker so so the current level of each type of fish in their Ice Chest.


When players go to market they will sell the fish they have to fulfill Public Contracts or complete smaller orders for local restaurants called Today’s Catch! When these contracts or orders are completed the player will be able to score and gain special bonuses.

Contract Cards

Today’s Catch Blue

 Today’s Catch Red

After you are all done completing Public Contracts and Today’s Catch Cards you will sell off remaining fish at Market Value and check to see if you have completed the Crab Bonus by surrounding the Crab icon in the Ice Chest. The Market value of the fish is shown at the bottom of the Player Board.

The final step is to check the bonus payout by looking at the columns and rows on in your Ice Chest. players receive a payout of $3 dollars for each completed row OR Column. The player will need to choose the columns or the rows whichever gives them a higher payout. The player will return scraps, discard the fish tiles, and get a new Ice Chest.


After each player has taken their action, players will Repopulate the Ocean Grid with fish tiles from the Ocean Bag. When the bag is empty it triggers the end of the game. The number of tiles in the bag is based on the player count.


At the end of the round, the last person to take their action will set the boat for the next round. This will tell all players which tiles will be available in the fish phase.





Aantal spelers

2 spelers, 2-4 spelers, 3 spelers, 4 spelers


+14 jaar


45-90 Minuten




Talon Strike Studios


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