A butterfly garden requires vision and a caring hand. Spring has arrived, and the world is in bloom. As your garden grows, caterpillars will congregate and morph into beautiful butterflies eager for nectar.

Papillon is a tile-drafting, tableau-building, and area majority game for 2-4 players. Over 8 rounds, you will bid for flower tiles to build your garden, attract butterflies to flowers with valuable nectar, and of course, every garden looks better with a gnome. Collect the most nectar at the end of the game and you’ll win!

Papillon Features:
– Beautiful 3D flowers and butterfly components that come alive on your table.
– Approachable rules, yet deep strategic gameplay for expert level play.
– Fun, innovative butterfly mechanic that encourages you to move your butterflies around the garden!

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2-4 spelers
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Fields are flourishing with an assortment life in Papillon. Hummingbirds hover between the flowers keeping out of sight while Caterpillars make long treks cross open fields in search of a home. The fields are covering in a dazzling display of color as flowers dot the landscape. Above all of this Butterflies make their descent to each of the flowers to collect their pollen.

In Papillon players will build beautiful flower gardens to attract all manner of life. The tiles that make up your garden are drafted each round and must be carefully arranged. The butterflies they attract will determine control of the individual flowers while hummingbirds who manage to find a home in fields nestled between the flowers will grant you victory points. Bringing Caterpillars to your field will not only bring you points but can give you an advantage when drafting tiles.

Papillon uses a combination of tile drafting, area control to create a quick playing, light game for all ages. A fair amount of strategy and planning hides behind simple rules and easy-to-learn gameplay.





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2 spelers, 2-4 spelers, 3 spelers, 4 spelers


+14 jaar


30-45 minuten



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