Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab


Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab offers an immersive journey into the Wells of Atios for 1-2 players.

Face 57 unique challenge cards, matching skill cards by color to defeat them. Teamwork is essential as players can boost each other’s efforts, but beware of exhaustion cards.

Every defeated challenge brings rewards, such as health or deeper progression into the Well. The final battle with Callous, the Master of the Well, tests your strategy and cooperation.

If your shared health pool reaches zero, it’s game over. This game blends tactical gameplay, cooperation, and fantasy adventure for endless replayability.

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1-2 spelers
45-60 minuten
+14 jaar

Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab

Enter the Mystical World of Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab

Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab isn’t just a board game; it’s an immersive journey into the depths of the Wells of Atios. Designed for 1-2 players, this tactical and cooperative card game challenges you to confront the ultimate adversary, Callous, the Master of the Well. Are you ready to test your strategy, teamwork, and persistence?

Engaging Gameplay with Strategic Depth

In Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab, the well deck of challenge cards stands between you and victory. With 57 challenge cards, every game is a new adventure. Each challenge card has a color, and to defeat it, you must play a skill card of the matching color from your hand. The variety of skill cards—single color, dual color, or wild—adds layers of strategy. Fail to defeat a challenge, and you’ll face penalties, but persistence pays off as you slowly progress through the Well.

Collaborative Teamwork

This game is all about cooperation. As Seekers, players can assist each other by playing cards as boosts. But beware—running out of cards means drawing an exhaustion card, which can hinder your progress. The game’s mechanics ensure that every decision matters, making teamwork essential to overcome the unpredictable dangers of the Wells of Atios.

Rewards and Challenges

Every challenge you defeat brings rewards. Whether it’s regaining health or discarding unseen challenge cards to delve deeper, these rewards are crucial for reaching the final showdown with Callous. The shared health pool among Seekers adds to the tension, as your collective fate hangs in the balance. If your health pool hits zero, it’s game over.

The Final Battle

Reaching the bottom of the Well is just the beginning. The final confrontation with Callous is an epic test of your strategic prowess and teamwork. Only by working together and using your skill cards wisely can you hope to defeat the Master of the Well.

Why You’ll Love Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab

If you’re a fan of cooperative board games, tactical challenges, and fantasy adventures, Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab is a must-have. With its blend of strategy, luck, and teamwork, this game offers endless replayability. The engaging storytelling and dynamic gameplay ensure that no two sessions are the same. Are you ready to dive into the Well and face Callous?

Kinfire Delve: Callous’ Lab promises an exhilarating experience that will captivate both new players and seasoned gamers alike. Dive in, and may your strategy guide you to victory!

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Aantal spelers

1 speler, 1-2 spelers, 2 spelers


+14 jaar


45-60 minuten




Incredible Dream Studios

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