Frostpunk Frostlander Expansion


Upgrade your Frostpunk experience with the Frostlander Expansion!

Unleash new levels of challenge with the hardest difficulty setting and explore new strategies with 6 new society cards, 32 wooden pawns, and new event, technology, law, and consequence cards.

Complete your immersive gameplay experience with an exclusive set of wooden pawns.

Don’t miss out on this must-have expansion for fans of the original game!

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Frostpunk Frostlander Expansion

Introducing the Frostpunk Frostlander Expansion – the perfect addition to take your gameplay to the next level!

This expansion is perfect for fans of the original Frostpunk board game who are seeking new challenges and increased replayability.

With the Frostlander Expansion, you can now play on the hardest difficulty level while enjoying a variety of new features including 6 new Survival Mode Society Cards, 32 wooden pawns, 6 new Event cards, 14 new Dusk cards, and 4 new Law cards.

In addition, this expansion includes an exclusive set of wooden pawns to enhance the game’s aesthetics, making your gameplay experience even more immersive.

But that’s not all! The Frostlander Expansion also features new Event, Technology, Law, and Consequence cards, providing you with endless new strategies and tactics to explore.

With all of these exciting new features, the Frostpunk Frostlander Expansion is a must-have for fans of the original game who are seeking new challenges and a more immersive gameplay experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Frostlander Expansion and prepare for a whole new level of post-apocalyptic strategy!



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